Grievance Letter for Delay in Salary Increment

A letter for the delay in the salary increment is a letter written by an employee to the employer of an organization. In this letter, the employee communicates to the employer that he has not received the deserved raise in his salary and request the employer for the provision of an increment in the salary.

At times, an employee is expecting a salary increment or the salary increment is due as per the company policy, but he is facing a delay in that. The delay could be due to many reasons, such as:

  • The employer has missed out on or overlooked the issue of the employee’s salary increment.
  • The employer is bound by the company policies to release any increments before a specified term of employment.
  • The employer does not believe that the employee deserves an increment yet.
  • The employer is facing financial difficulties and cannot increase his expenses further.

Whatever the reason is, when there is a delay in the salary increment, be it the increase in the basic salary or any sort of a bonus, the employee should raise his voice and communicate to the employer about his issue. One of the ways to do so is writing a letter to the employer so that it can be used for making a formal request as well as can be used for any future reference.

The content of the letter varies based on the circumstances, the employee’s feelings, the employer’s requirements and the time the increment has been delayed for. However, the general details included are:

  • Date.
  • Details of the employee.
  • Details of the employer.
  • The issue of delay in salary increment.
  • Effects of the issue.
  • Request for a resolution.
  • Show hopefulness.
  • Salutation and signature.

After this letter, the employer might speed up the process of declaring the increment. Or, if he believes that the increment is not due and should not be granted right now, he might provide a proper reason for the employee.

Sample Letter for Delay in Salary Increment




Dear Ms. Sarah,

This letter is intended to bring your attention to the issue of delay in my salary increment.

I have been working in XYZ Limited for the past three years as a ‘Supplier Manager’. I have shown excellent performance, and due to my good evaluations, I have received the ‘best performer’ certificates for the last two years as well. I was expecting a salary increment after my first certificate but received none. Then, I deemed that I would get it this year, as my manager was extremely satisfied with my performance, and indicated that I should expect an increment. However, this year again, I did earn the certificate, but without any raise.

This delay in my salary increment is demotivating me, and I am losing interest in my job. In addition, I am having some financial difficulties as well, which I hoped would get resolved with my raise. I would be grateful to you if you would look into the matter immediately and grant my salary increment.

I hope for a positive response. Thank you.


William Geller.

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