Excuse Letter for not Wearing School Uniform

An excuse letter for not wearing the school uniform is a letter that is written either by a student, his/her parent, or a guardian. It is addressed to the principal of the academic institution. In this letter, the addresser explains the reason behind the improper clothing and apologizes for it. He tries to reason it so that any sort of penalty can be avoided. In addition, he tries to convince the principal, that he will not repeat such behavior or act in the future.

Sometimes, a student may not wear the proper school uniform which is against the discipline and decorum of the school. It is not acceptable behavior. However, if it is not a repetitive act, and the student has a proper reason behind coming in the colored clothes, the principal might excuse him.

However, the student needs to inform the principal formally by writing a letter, having an explanation, and an apology. The information included in this letter may vary depending on:

  • The strictness and polices of the school.
  • The student’s frequency of coming in the improper uniform.
  • The track record of the student.
  • Reasoning behind the colored clothes, etc.

However, generally, the following information is included in such letters:

  • Date.
  • Details of the principal.
  • Details of the addresser.
  • The matter of not wearing the school uniform, including reference to any specific incidents.
  • Reason behind it.
  • Excuse and apologize.
  • Ensure that it will not be repeated.
  • Seek acceptance of the apology.
  • Seek excuse from a penalty.
  • Show hope of understanding.

When the principal receives such a letter, he becomes aware of the situation. If he believes that the case is justified, he might spare the student from any sort of penalty. However, if the student often makes this mistake, and does not wear proper uniform frequently, and even the reasons seem like mere excuses, and no proper justification, a principal might give him a warning which might lead to a serious action later.

This letter is kept in the student record and can be used as a reference in the future if a need arises. Therefore, when a student is writing it, he should make sure, that its content is correct and justifiable. Otherwise, he may have to suffer from the consequences.

Sample Letter

Dear Principal,

I am writing this excuse letter to explain my reason for not wearing school uniform on 5th October 20XX.

There are few weddings going on in the maternal side of my family, so my family decided to stay at my grandmother’s house throughout the functions. I planned to take the days off from school and had also submitted the leave application to my teacher.

However, on 4th October 20XX, my friend called me late at night and informed me about the test the grade of which would be included in the final evaluation. I was prepared for the test so did not want to miss it. However, I did not have the school uniform, and could not get it from my home at that hour. I decided to take the test in colored clothes.

I wanted to explain my reason to you for coming in colored clothes and wanted to apologize for it. I know such acts violate the decorum of the school, but I will make sure that this does not happen again. I am extremely sorry for it.

I hope you would understand, and I hope you would not penalize me for it. Thank you.


Sarah Watson.

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