Eid Shopping Budget Worksheet

On the arrival of festivals like Eid, people get so excited about the celebrations. Every festival has its own charm and related traditions. It is very common to see a surge in Eid shopping every passing day. Due to this, many of us end up spending more than required and when we see we have broken our bank, it makes us regret it. To prevent this situation, we all should plan our Eid shopping and spend prudently. 

What is an Eid shopping worksheet?

It is a tool that is used for planning and keeping track of expenses someone makes in the event of Eid. There are so many expenses that are related to the Eid event. Some of them can be avoided easily to keep the overspending on Eid day at bay. 

What does an Eid shopping worksheet do?

This sheet helps people see make the budget before the Eid event celebrations. An Eid festival comes with a lot of happiness and joy for people as they get to spend time with their friends and family. In this excitement, it is important to remember that one doesn’t spend beyond their means and end up breaking the bank. Therefore, a worksheet for budgeting purposes is used. 

This worksheet enables people to list down all those things and tasks on which they have to spend money. This way, they can think about how they can cut certain types of expenses. Consequently, it becomes easy for them to decide how to celebrate the happy event of Eid with the minimum budget.

What is included in the Eid shopping budget worksheet?

This tool is specially designed for people who have many things to spend their money on while saving money at the same time but have no clue how they can do it. Here are the main aspects regarding Eid shopping, details of which are recorded in this worksheet.

List of expenses:

You can make a realistic budget if you are aware of the expenses you will have to bear. You should accept those expenses and list them in the worksheet.

Estimate cost of each expense:

In front of each expense, you should mention the estimated cost. We are often not aware of how much we will have to pay for a particular expense. However, we know our spending limit. So, we can easily mention the estimated cost.

Actual cost:

After you have paid the price for each expense or you have checked the price, you must have known about the actual price. Now, you can mention the actual price in the Eid shopping budget worksheet.

The difference in the cost:

Subtract the estimated cost from the actual cost to see the difference. This difference will tell you much you are likely to spend in actuality. This way, you can think of how you can reduce your expenses or the amount to be spent on those expenses.

Budget record sheet for Eid shopping benefits

This budget sheet has many benefits one can reap easily if it is used appropriately. Some of the key benefits are:

It keeps people organized:

The budget worksheet always keeps people aware of their desired and actual expenses. Due to this, people keep seeing the actual picture and therefore, they keep trying to organize themselves to remain within budget.

It is easy to stay on track:

While we are shopping at the festival of Eid, it is very common for all of us to go off the track and spend more than what we initially planned. This disturbs their finances in the long run. Since this record sheet keeps the user updated about the money he has already spent, it is very easy for people to remain on track.

It helps people avoid overspending:

Many people spend more than they should have spent and when this happens, they often face serious problems once the festival is over and they go back to their real life. So, this record sheet helps them by enabling them to set the spending limit that eventually keeps holding them back from spending more than required.

Eid shopping budget worksheet

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