Duties and Responsibilities Job Description Letter

Whenever a company hires an individual in any position, it describes the job duties and responsibilities to that person through the duties and responsibilities the job description letter. This outlines what a person is supposed to do after he has been appointed to a particular job role.

This letter clarifies both parties and brings them on the same page and this way, no conflicts remain among them regarding the fulfillment of job responsibilities.

Every employer should know how he can draft a letter that communicates with the newly hired candidate. The tips given below will surely be helpful:

Provide details of the job position:

Mention in the letter which position you have hired the candidate for and what will be the name of his position. This letter also outlines whether the position is of junior level or senior level.

Communicate expectations:

Every organization has some set of expectations from people they hire for any job position. Those expectations are generally the actions the successful candidate is expected to take to fulfill his job responsibilities in an efficacious way.

Description of job role:

A candidate should know what job responsibilities he will be tasked with and what he is required to do. This way, no candidate feels overworked or feels as if he is being forced to do something that was not mentioned in his job description letter. You can also mention the salary if you have not discussed it earlier with the selected candidate.

The sample letter given below will help you draft a professional job description letter.

Sample letter 1:

Subject: Job duties description for [XYZ]

Dear Mr. ABC,

This is to inform you that you have been recruited by XYZ school as a full-time senior math teacher for the secondary school section.

Your job responsibilities will be:

  • Designing and planning lessons for the lecture in the classroom
  • Assigning homework to students
  • Assessing students through the national grading system
  • Documenting the progress of students
  • Clearing concepts of students

The key expectations from you as a teacher are:

  • To be on time always in school and the classroom
  • Maintaining discipline in the classrooms
  • Teaching basic ethics to students
  • Clearing concepts of students
  • Providing them with the guidance they need to excel
  • Motivating them in the management department.
  • to work hard and achieve something in the future

If you want to know more about job duties and responsibilities, feel free to contact Mr.XYZ, the manager of the school. Thank you so much for choosing our school to work with. We look forward to your support and cooperation with our school.


Duties and Responsibilities Job Description Letter

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Sample letter 2:

Subject: Job duties description regarding [ABC]

Dear Mr. ABC,

Congratulations on having been hired as a secretary in our management department. Your job will be effective from 16th October 202X, main job responsibilities will be:

You will be required to perform the following roles while working in the above-mentioned position.

  • Acting as a link between the company and its clients and customers for an effective communication
  • Planning the entire work process of the management department.
  • Handling delicate matters of the organization with a sense of responsibility
  • Maintaining a good knowledge of everything that happens in the department and the way everyone plays their managerial role.
  • Discussing the performance of every individual with the employer.
  • Managing the relationship of the company with its vendors and clients.

Please note that it is a full-time job opportunity for you and you will be paid the basic salary (mention the salary) along with allowances (give details of the allowances).

If you have any queries regarding the job description of the secretary in the management department, you can contact Mr. Joseph, the manager of the company. Furthermore, you are required to share the list of the following documents that are missing from your file.

Thank you so much for choosing our company to work with. We look forward to a healthy relationship with you. 

Yours sincerely.

Duties and Responsibilities Job Description Letter

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