Disciplinary Action Letter for Performance

This type of formal letter is written by the human resource department or by senior managers to a staff member who has committed an inappropriate action or was unable to follow his job duties. These letters are written after several verbal warnings. The purpose of these letters is to warn the person strictly and to prohibit him in the future.

Disciplinary action letters signify the importance of the SOPs of the company. Companies are very strict and clear about their rules and regulations. Any action against these rules and regulations can result in the immediate termination of the employee.

How to write the disciplinary action letter for performance?

The performance of a company is dependent on the collective performance of its employees. The format of this letter is simple. These letters not only warn the employee but also serves as a written proof in case of any legal proceedings implicated by the employee against the company. The promotion-related procedures evaluate the performance of candidates by their official profile.

These letters are also attached in soft as well as in hard copy in the official profile of the candidate. The tone of this letter must be strict and the letter should be brief and concise. All the previous violations committed by the employee against the rules and regulations of the company should be clearly mentioned in these letters. The previous verbal and written warnings and their details should also be mentioned in these letters.

All the disciplinary action letters must include the following important things:

  • The name and designation of the concerned person
  • Date
  • Name of company
  • Salutations
  • Subject line
  • Body of the letter
  • A complete description of the event of a violation of the code of conduct
  • The strict warning
  • Possible outcome if the employee does not respond back responsively

Sample Letter

Name of the concerned person
Name of the institution
City, country, Zip Code


Subject: Disciplinary action to employee or performance improvement letter

Dear Mr. ABC,

Greetings of the day!

I am Ms. XYZ from the HR department and I am writing this letter to you as a warning to notify you that your performance is not in line with the rules and regulations of our company (Company`s name). You have been continuously behaving inappropriately and your performance is not satisfactory in terms of discipline and work product. We have already called a meeting last month in this regard. We have discussed with you all these problems already.

In that meeting, you have promised in front of all your teammates and section head that you will act upon all the flaws. I was continuously in the loop with your team manager and was taking feedback from him regarding your performance. He has mentioned in a written report that you are unable to meet the deadlines. He has also mentioned that you are always late and never pay attention to all the warnings. Such behavior is inappropriate and unbearable for our company`s reputation and working environment.

This letter is the last written warning from our side and if you still do not show any improvement then we will surely terminate you next time instead without sending any warning letter to you. I hope that you will consider this letter and take radical measures in this regard. I advise you to have complete coordination with your team manager.

In case of any query feel free to contact me on the contact number and email id mentioned at the end of this letter.

Thank you for your time and patience.


Your name


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