Credit Appeal Letter

What is a credit appeal letter?

A credit appeal letter is written when someone needs financial aid. This letter can be written in a number of situations. Each situation differs from another and therefore, the content of the letter may also vary.

Why is the credit appeal letter written?

A credit appeal letter is always written to seek assistance from someone. There are different situations and scenarios which entail the need of writing the appeal letter for credit. So, when you are in the need of to appeal for the credit, you should write the appeal letter.

The appeal letter is a kind of request letter in which you request the recipient to give you some financial aid so that you can continue whatever you had been doing. Here, it should be noted that the appeal should be made when you need money for a good cause such as completion of education. 

How to write a credit appeal letter?

When you write a credit appeal letter, it is reviewed thoroughly by the recipient and then it is decided whether you deserve to get the credit or not. Therefore, you should be careful while writing the credit appeal letter. To help you write this letter, we have some tips for you:

  • Know who to contact:

If you are a student and you have to appeal for financial aid, you should know which department of your institute deals with such matters. Not everyone in your institute can help you get financial aid. Usually, the financial aid is provided by the finance and account office of the institute. 

  • Collect the necessary information:

Before you write the appeal letter, you should know what kind of information must be there in your letter. It is also important to ensure that what information you need to provide to those you are writing for financial aid. If your letter lacks something important which was worth mentioning, you give an impression to the reader that you are deliberately hiding something or have written this letter with carelessness. Hence, conduct the research and know what information should be provided.

  • Attach supporting documents:

Whatever you write in the letter is not going to be accepted by the recipient immediately. The recipient will try to confirm that whatever you have claimed in the letter is true and based on honesty. So, try to provide all the documents that support your claim you have made in this letter. For example, if you write in the letter that your father has passed away and this is the reason you need financial aid, you should attach a death certificate of your father with the letter so that the reader can confirm.

 As a matter of fact, it is not easy to get financial aid by simply writing a credit appeal letter. However, if you can compellingly write this letter, you can achieve many fruitful results. 

Sample Letter


Name and address of the recipient:

Subject: Credit appeal letter

Respected finance manager,

I have received an offer letter for admission to your university. Furthermore, I have also been granted financial aid request acceptance. Since the start of my studies at the University of California, I have been getting financial aid. Now, I am in the third semester and I am going through severe financial challenges. My financial needs have changed and now, existing financial aid being provided to me by the University is unable to meet my needs.

I have 5 people in my family. My father is hospitalized due to a long-term ailment and I have to bear his health expenses also. My mother has also been terminated from her job and now, we are going through a crisis.

I am attaching all the documents supporting my request including the termination letter of my mother and my father’s medical certificate.

I would appreciate your help as I did in the past. If you need any additional information regarding my case, you can contact me on my phone number.

Name of the sender,

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