Consumer or Customer Complaint Form

A consumer is a person or a group of persons who purchases any product or service and uses it to fulfill personal needs and wants. He does not utilize the bought items for manufacturing or production of further goods and services.

A consumer is involved in the evaluation, acquisition, and utilization of goods and services for his personal use only. Every consumer has a set of rights that he can exercise whenever the need arises.

Registration of complaints and grievances against the products and services they use is one such consumer right. Every consumer has the power to present the seller or manufacturer with a complaint about the product and service.

Many organizations issue complaint forms for their customers so that they can know about the inconvenience caused by their customers. The organizations that show concern about the issues of the customer are more successful. The complaint form is basically for those customers who don’t know how to lodge the complaint right.

What is a customer complaint Form?

The consumer complaint form is a written document that is used to convey the complaint of the consumer to the desired manufacturer or seller.

A customer complaint form is a professional-looking excel document that is used to convey the complaints of the customers to the organization. This form is also used by the buyers when they want to complain against the product they purchased.

Many companies provide a complaint form to their customers to provide them with complete ease with which they can complain.

This complaint form is mostly drafted and printed by the companies themselves and provided to the consumers. If they have any grievances against the company, they can promptly use the form and send it to the designated authority.

The contents of the sample consumer complaint form are simple and include the following:

    • Name of the consumer
    • Contact details
    • Problematic product or service details
    • Complaint issues to be mentioned in clear and detailed text

The complaint against the product or service may be related to various aspects like quality, durability, functional problem, or pricing issues. Irrespective of what the problem is, the consumer should feel free and fill in the consumer complaint form and send it to the company.

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Customer Complaint Form

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What is the important information included in the complaint form?

It is needed by every business to collect the information about the person lodging the complaint. The form collects the information that is needed by the organization to process the complaint. The main details included in the form are:

  1. The name of the company or the person against whom the complaint is being filed
  2. Complete address of the company
  3. A complete description of the complaint.
  4. The date on which the transaction was conducted
  5. Total amount transacted
  6. Payment details
  7. What you want to be done in order to resolve the problem

While filing the complaint, it should be kept in mind that every business has a different way to deal with the complaint received. One should show patience after filing the complaint.

Why businesses use complaint form?

The complaint forms are very beneficial for businesses since these forms enable their customers to file complaints against them. The organizations believing in quality customer service and satisfaction consider the complaint form as something very important for a business.

The complaint form template is also available for those people who don’t know how to put their complaints in writing. The form asks them to provide the relevant detail which makes the complaint precise and highly informative for the company.