Company Appointment Letter for Sales Manager

There is a team of people who work to carry out sales in the company. These people are also responsible for boosting the sales of the company. To manage and handle that team of people, the company appoints a manager on them who supervises them and manages them. The manager who deals with the sales team is known as a sales manager.

What is an appointment letter for a sales manager?

An appointment letter is a kind of formal document that a company sends to that person who has been selected by the company to work on the post of sales manager. This letter is considered to be very important because it helps a company confirm the job of the individual and let him know.

 An appointment letter is also considered as an offer letter because, with this letter, the organization makes an offer to the candidate to join that organization as a sales manager.

How is an appointment letter beneficial for the employer and employee?

A letter of an appointment comes with lots of benefits which is the reason we can see that no employment starts without sending an appointment letter. Let us discuss some major benefits:

  1. With the use of appointment letters, the company can easily convey all the terms and conditions of the employment. The purpose of mentioning the terms and conditions is to be clear at the very beginning of the employment contract. This prevents lots of disputes from occurring in the future. Furthermore, an employee accepts that job offer only when he agrees with the terms and conditions. This way, the employer can be sure that the employee is well aware of all the positive and negative sides of the job and he will not be in the position to complain in the future.
  2. In general, different companies offer insurance coverage to their employees. When employees want to get insurance coverage, they will have to prove that they are the employee of that organization which facilitates the coverage. In this situation, they will be required to show their offer letter. Similarly, those employees who get free medical treatment because of their employment or position in the company will have to show the appointment letter to prove that they have been appointed to work on the positive of the sales manager.
  3. When a person receives an appointment letter, he confirms that he has been selected. This way, he starts getting ready for joining the new job he has been offered. He gets convinced to resign from the existing job.
  4. Many employers use appointment letters to give different instructions to their future employees. For example, if the employer wants the employee to get the necessary training before joining the company, he should write different guidelines related to the training program.

Tips for writing the appointment letter to the sales manager:

  1. When you have decided to hire someone as a sales manager, write them an appointment letter while giving them a considerable amount of time to think over whether to join your company and decide.
  2. Your appointment letter should tell the candidate that the company has selected him to work as a sales manager and there are lots of expectations from him.
  3. In case you are waiting for the candidate to respond to your letter to confirm his acceptance, you should formally ask him to write a reply letter.

Company appointment letter for the sales manager:


Name of the recipient:

Complete address of the recipient

Subject: Appointment letter for sales manager

Dear (use the second name with salutation),

With reference to your recent interview with the ABC company for the post of sales manager, we are happy to inform you that we are making an offer to you for this position effective from 15th Feb 2021 with the following terms and conditions:

  1. We are offering a salary of $[AMOUNT].
  2. After joining the company, you will have to serve the company on probation period for 6 months.
  3. If the candidate wants to leave the company for any reason, he will have to give the notice period prior to leaving.

Name of the person writing the appointment letter:

Signatures of the sender

Designation of the sender in the company

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