Bonus Cancellation Letter to Employees

Sample -1

Good morning everyone. We wish you to have a very productive day. The company (name of the company) has a very important announcement for all our employees. The company is aware that the Christmas holidays would start from next week and according to the company policy we give each employee Christmas bonus in these days. The purpose of the bonus is to spread joy and assist our employees in celebrating the occasion.

However, as you would be fully aware of the loss the company had to face this year from (month) to (month) due to some unavoidable circumstances. The company (name of the company) was left with a very difficult decision to make. We had only two options to choose from. The first option was firing some of our employees and reducing the workforce to compensate for the loss. The second option the company had was to cancel the Christmas bonus of each employee and use the amount to pay for the other employee’s salaries. The company after a thorough discussion has decided to go with the second option.

We understand that all our employees work hard and deliver on time. Therefore, the company assures you that all the employees would be compensated in the future in one way or the other as soon as the company gets back on track. We would appreciate it if you show your support for the company at this hard time. The company wishes you Merry Christmas and good luck.

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Letter -2

Greetings everyone. This circular is intended for making an important announcement. The company (name of the company) would appreciate it if you read this announcement carefully.

All of you would be aware of the current pandemic in the form of COVID-19. The company has asked all of you to work from home for the past two months. We have tried our best to give each of our employees the complete salary so that no one faces any financial issues in this time of distress.

However, the company was not able to run at its pace in the past couple of months which has caused some financial issues for the company itself. The company has been in loss for all these months and despite the loss, we have tried our best to help our staff members but unfortunately as this pandemic does not seem to be over any time soon and the company would not be able to bear the constant loss. The administration and the manager were left with a very difficult choice to make.

The company can either fire a few of the employees and compensate for the loss or cancel the festive bonus of each employee this year. We understand firing anyone from the job especially at this time can be devastating for them and their families. Therefore, the company has decided in order to keep all our workers under the company’s umbrella each employee has to swallow the hard pill and let go of the festive bonus this year. The only way we can win over this pandemic is by working together. We expect you to understand the decision made by the company and show support towards the company as well as towards your colleagues.

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Letter -3

Attention everyone. The company (name of the company) would like to make an announcement through this circular. We would like each employee to read this circular carefully and understand the motif of the company.

As most of you are fully aware of the fact that the company has been facing some serious hurdles due to the current pandemic. Moreover, the company also suffered a huge loss in (state the month) due to (state any reason you wish to mention here). Despite all these instances the company has kept its morale high and managed to keep working in whatever way possible. However, after careful analysis the company has reached a decision that no employee would be given the bonus this year. This is the best way to help keep all the employees their jobs and relieve some financial load from the company.

We are mindful of how hard each of our employees has worked in the past couple of months to get the work done but the financial condition of the company is also obvious to everyone. The company expects all the employees to understand the reasons behind this decision and support the company as it is not in good shape at present. However, the company assures you that all the employees would be compensated soon for the faith you show in us at present. Thank you for your time.

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