Authorization Letter to Claim Passport

You may have applied for a passport but you are not able to fetch it physically on the collection date. If this is the case, you may be able to send someone to get the passport for you. They will need to provide a document that you authorized them to do this. An authorization letter can help here.

What is an authorization letter to claim a passport?

An authorization letter to claim a passport authorizes the agent or representative to collect the passport on your behalf. With this letter, the authorities can let the agent act in your capacity.

Importance of an authorization letter to claim a passport:

This letter is important because it allows someone to pick up your passport for you if you are not able to do this. The letter lets the officials know that you have allowed an individual to do this and they can know who this person is with the help of the details that you send. The letter makes it easier for the person needing to get their passport and not able to do this and also for the authorities to know who to hand over the passport to.

When to write?

You will write this letter when you have been called to collect your passport but are not able to do this due to some reason. You will inform the authorities about this in the letter and about who can collect the passport for you before it is too late and the authorities wonder why you did not collect the passport.

Benefits of an authorization letter to claim a passport

This letter is important because of the following reasons:

Allows the owner of the passport to authorize someone to collect it:

Any situation can arise when someone may not be able to collect their passport on the specified dates given by the authority. The person may be in another city or they may be ill and cannot go to collect the passport by themselves. If the country allows it, the person can send someone to fetch the passport on their behalf.

For this, the authority letter can help because it can state the details of why the person cannot collect the passport and why they have sent someone to do this for them. This letter will make it easier for the person as they will not have to stress about finding a way to collect their passport by themselves as they can send someone they know to do this for them.

Allows authorities to know details about representative

A passport is a sensitive document that should not come into the hands of just anyone. If your passport is somewhere and you need someone or a representative to fetch it, you will need to let the authorities know the details about this person.

In the letter, you can provide these details and proof with the help of signatures. The authorities may require some details of the person who is collecting the passport such as their picture, identification number, etc., which will help them figure out who the individual is. This letter can professionally provide these details.

Can be used as evidence:

In case any problem occurs, the letter can be used as proof that the owner of the passport authorized the representative to collect it for them. If the authorized individual claims that they did not send anyone to collect the passport, this letter can be consulted. The letter can therefore be kept by the authorities as proof in case it is needed later on for any reason.

Sample authorization letter to claim passport:

To Whomever It May Concern

I, (state your name), with an identification number (provide details) and passport number (details of passport number) authorize (name of person), with identification (state number) to get my passport on my behalf. I am unable to pick up the passport because (state why you cannot do this).

I have attached a photo of my agent and attested both signatures.

My passport details are:

(Provide details such as your full name and passport number).

Authorized by: (Your Name & Signature)
(Your contact number)

Authorized agent: (Name of agent & Signature)
(Contact details of agent)

Yours sincerely,

(Your Name & Signature)

Authorization Letter to Claim Passport

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