Affidavit of Marital Status of Married Person

An affidavit is a serious document. This is a sworn statement that is in writing. It is made mainly under oath or it can be an affirmation before the authorized magistrate or officer. This is required in different instances in different countries. It may be needed to confirm the marital status of someone.

What is an Affidavit of Marital Status of Married Person?

An affidavit of the marital status of a married person is an affidavit that declares a person got legally married to their spouse on a certain date. It acts like a sworn statement by the person, that they are married. You will usually need to prove the marriage at the time of applying for some foreign visa, or for some accounts and insurance.

What to Include in an Affidavit of Marital Status of Married Person?

If you need to make an affidavit of the marital status of a married person you can consider the below points:

  • Microsoft Word– Create this affidavit in Microsoft Word as it is a professional document that needs to be made with care.
  • Heading– The affidavit needs a heading. It can be “Marriage Affidavit’ for instance.
  • Main body- After that, you will start off by “I” then there will be space for your name than “of” and in the space, you will need to state where you are from, i.e. current address in full. You need to give your date of birth and the name of the town or district that you were born in.
  • Declaration- You will have to declare your marital status. This can be done with the following words “Hereby affirm, declare as well as swear that I married” then you need to state the spouse’s maiden name in full. Their date of birth needs to be provided and where they were born. This can be the town or district and country of birth. You should also state the date of marriage, the town or district, and the country where it happened. It is necessary to state your civil marital status before the marriage, this can be single, divorced, widow(er), etc. The civil marital status immediately before the marriage of the spouse needs to be given as well.
  • Final declaration– You need to end with words like “I hereby affirm, declare as well as swear that the above details are true”.
  • Date– It is necessary to state the date.
  • Signature– It is necessary to have a slot for the signature of the applicant. The name can be typed as well. The signature allows the affidavit to become authentic.

Advantages of the Affidavit of Marital Status of Married Person:

The advantages of the affidavit of marital status of married person are:

  • Is a legal document that confirms a person’s marital status
  • It can be used as proof if required later on in case any issue arises
  • Helps one apply for things like visas, etc.

When creating the affidavit of the marital status of a married person, you need to remember to do this without any mistakes. It should be done carefully as it is a serious document.

Sample Affidavit

To whom it may concern

This document must be considered as an acknowledgment letter that is being written on demand of concerned authorities.

It is hereby acknowledged by the undersigned on the 15th of October, 20XX that Mr. Joy Root S/O Robert, aged 28, is residing in Park View Society, Michigan with his two children and a wife. He is Christian by religion and a carpenter by profession. Moreover, he has also been recognized as a native citizen of Michigan state and having the passport number [00123456]. I further acknowledge that the above-mentioned information about him is correct because he appeared before me personally and proved everything about himself with the help of valid evidence.

The undersigned hereby declares his marital status as a married person. He was married on [date] and is living in this state with his spouse and two children at the address mentioned above. Also, he has not been found to have any kind of prohibited relations which are against the custom of society.

Furthermore, his name appears in the census record of the state. He also presented before me a copy of his marriage registration certificate and birth certificates of his children. Considering all the evidence in his favor, I hereby entitle him to be called as a married person. If you have any queries in this regard, you can contact me at my office number.

Charles Roentgen

Notary Public – Michigan State, USA

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