5, 15 & 30 Day Eviction Notice Templates

What is an eviction notice?

A formal letter that is sent to the tenant from the landlord to evacuate the premises in which they are living is called an Eviction Notice. It is indeed an official way to explain to the tenants either to pay their rent or leave the premises.

We design the eviction notice templates in a highly professional way to do the needful. We provide different types and schemes for evacuation notices. One can give a 5-day eviction notice, 15 days eviction notice, or 30-day notice as per the landlord or company’s need. In the sample template, we offer a 30-day evacuation notice. Change the number of days to work it accordingly.


It includes the date on which the evacuation order is being generated for the tenant. It is the effective date from which the duration of notice begins.

Tenant Information

It includes the name of the tenant and the address of the tenant including the city or state to whom the evacuation order is being sent.

Eviction Notice:

The eviction notice is designed in a professional way where the name of the employee and the date on which the premises need to be fully evacuated is mentioned. It also includes the reason for which the notice is being sent such as the not-paid rent being the most common issue. The failure in evacuating the premises would force the landlord to take legal action such as filing a case against the tenant.

Sample -1


Name of Tenant
Address of Tenant

I [Landlord Name] hereby formally write this final notice to you. This is to inform you that you have only [X] days to evacuate the premises you are currently residing in. You have been previously sent an official notice on [DATE] but we received no legal response from you or other occupants in the same property.

Reasonably you have been charged with not paying rent on the date you signed the lease. You have been indicted for damaging the property as well. In this case, the total amount due at your side gets doubled.

The main reason for writing this notice is to let you know the next step. That is filing a legal case in court. After which the premises will be evacuated from you in an official way. You must provide a defense against these allegations in court. After which the signed lease will be terminated as per the agreed instructions.


[Landlord’s Name]

Preview and Details of Template

30 day eviction notice template

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Sample -2

Immediate Eviction Notice

Re. Notice of Immediate Quit/Eviction w.r.t. Notice for Compliance of Rules Dated [date] and Tenant Laws of Local State Government 2007 Revised on 2020

Dear Tenant, 

This letter serves as a legal notice as the Local Magistrate Office has approved it of [city], [country]. According to the Tenant Laws of Local State Government 20XY, a tenant can be asked for immediate quit or eviction if they do not comply with the rules set in the book. Moreover, an eviction can be demanded if a breach of contract has been done.

I regret to inform you that you have committed both. First, your rent for two months has been outstanding. I am still waiting for the rent of the rental unit to be paid. Two notices have been served for immediate payment, but no response was found. Moreover, unresponsive behavior has been continuous since your entrance to the rental unit. 

On [date], a notice demanding the compliance and procedural commitment to the rules settled in the book and conditions put in the contract was served. According to the contract, you are not allowed to bring into any criminal activities in or near the rental unit. However, it has been reported that you have frequently been partying in your house, including illegal activities like the possession and use of drugs during partying. 

This way, you have committed a breach of the lease contract too. You remained unresponsive to the notice demanding compliance. Therefore, I am legally in hands to ask for immediate eviction. 

I request you to leave the place within three working days, i.e., till [date], [day]. In case of non-compliance or not evicting the place, law enforcement shall have to intrude. Thank you. 

Attachments: copy of lease contract, copy of the notice for the cure


[Name of the landlord]
[Contact of the landlord]
[Address of the landlord] 

Immediate eviction notice

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