Appreciation Letter

How does it feel like when someone appreciates you?  Feels good?  Everyone feels the same. This is why wise people suggest adding the habit of appreciation in the day to day life. Informally, we appreciate people randomly with different discourses, but in formal living and formal relations, the method of appreciation is different. One such formal method of appreciation is writing appreciation letters. You can write these letters to your expected employer for conducting your interview, to an ex-employer for writing a reference letter for you, to a colleague for being helpful, to your employee for being cooperative and even to your friends and family for different purposes.

When one receives an appreciation letter, it leaves a good impression of yours on them. The relationship strengthens and most importantly they continue to show their favors on you. So you should not get late whenever you feel that an appreciation letter is due to you. But it is important that you write appreciation letter in a proper format. Here’s how you should write an appreciation letter.

  • Use business letter format for formal use. For informal use, you can use any format i.e. letter, email or a personalized letter.
  • State clearly why you are writing the letter. Sometimes people forget about their favors on you (the rarest people), so they need to be reminded.
  • Show your sincere gratitude for the reader. It is always recommended to not exceed the limits as it may give an artificial tone. But it is at the same time recommended that you thank the reader enough.
  • Close the letter with appropriate words. Thanking the reader again for his favor.

We don’t know why you’d be writing an appreciation letter and we can also not suffice for the words of gratitude that you yourself can use better. But it is always a good choice to be flexible and learn from the samples. Here is the sample that can help you write your own appreciation letter.

Think of who should you write an appreciation letter and write it right away!

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Appreciation Letter template

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