Address Change Notification Letter

Change in Personal or Professional Address & Informing

Address change notification letter is a simple yet effective way of informing business and personal contacts or customers about the change in address. This letter can be addressed to multiple contacts and can be addressed to more than one person or can be individually addressed in the salutation of the letter as per your requirement. You may want to include the reason for the change in address to make it more personalized or you can avoid it if the need is to keep it more professional. It is advisable if you request a follow up from the person you send it to in order to make sure that the address was duly noted by the recipient of the letter.

The letter starts with the name and address of the person you are sending it to, after formal greetings your name and old address is mentioned. If you want you can write the reason for the change of address after that. In the end, you write the new address and a reminder of the change to emphasize the importance of the letter. You can also request a follow-up for the letter.


Change of address letters is very important to inform your customers that your address has been changed or your service providers so that they know the new address in case they want to send billing invoice or marketing material.

The sample template provides an ideal generic example of the address change notification letter.

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address change notification letter



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