Children Daily Activity Schedule

As a parent, managing the time of the kids so that they can spend their time productively is a challenging job. It is the desire of every parent to make sure that the time the kids are spending does not go wasted. So, the parents try to make the time of the kids educational as well as productive.

Nowadays, we can see that the kids are more interested in spending time with smart devices as compared to some physical activities. Due to the introduction of gadgets, the physical and healthy activities of the kids have reduced to an alarming level.

Caring parents always try to ensure that their child’s time is not being consumed on something useless. One of the common techniques used by parents these days is to make the schedule of their child’s activities.

What is a child daily activity schedule?

The daily activity schedule of the children is made by parents and also by the caretakers in the daycare centers. In this schedule, the time of the children is divided into different chunks and each chunk is allocated an activity. With the help of an activity schedule, everything in the kid’s life becomes organized. When the kid becomes accustomed to spending such an organized life, he develops into an organized adult.

Guiding kids to a healthy life is indeed a large challenge. But this one is not impossible to achieve. With a proper schedule and diet plans will give us favorable results.


Have you ever wondered why the kids from the hostel or from the institutions; which offer physical and mental exercises, outclass the kids, those who remain at home and spend their life as a wonk? The answer is simple the boys or girls take after a strict routine throughout the daytime, which teaches them discipline, punctuality, and sense of what’s best for them.

Parents who worry constantly about their child’s health, they must stop worrying and start acting. It’s not rocket science to produce a daily schedule or procedure for new tasks. This is all about considerations. You do not have to print colored pages for this, a simple white paper must serve the job.

Begin the day by early morning call, take the young ones to walk or ramble on. After coming back from the jog a shower, a healthy breakfast, and send the child to school and pack his lunch with fruits and healthy meals, not snacks and burgers. Lunch should consist of at least two dishes and fruits.

Rest is very important; make sure the child gets plenty of rest after the school is over. In the evenings don’t send him to tuition, instead send him to the football arenas, or basketball courts. Parents can also relish the game with their kids so as the kid gets motivated. After games get him ready to have supper and make sure the whole house sits together and then as this habit may persist for a little longer than expected before bed sets a clock for one and a half hours for studies and at ten PM light off.

Make the young blood follow this kind of routine for at least ninety days till he/she start’s to show interest in games and books. Afterward, other changes can occur.

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Children daily activity schedule

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What is the purpose of using the children daily activity schedule?

The purpose of making the daily activity schedule is to make sure that the children are not wasting time on unhealthy activities. There are many kids who keep using a tablet or smartphone throughout the day and don’t pay attention to healthy activities. For such kids, it is important to schedule the activities so that they don’t waste their time on useless activities.

Children daily activity schedule template:

This schedule template is a spreadsheet document that is intended to help the parents scheduling the time of their kids. The template enables the user to make a realistic schedule that can be easily followed and also does not let the kid feel restricted. You can download the template from this website and print it or use it online.