Warning Letter to Students for Fee Submission

Some students are often late in their fee submission. When this happens, they are sent a warning letter in which the school asks them to pay the fee, or they will be fined or dismissed.

Usually, when students don’t pay their fee for more than three months, they are sent various notifications in order to remind them of their fee. After that, the institute sends them a warning letter so that the student starts taking the matter seriously.

How to write the warning letter?

If you want to send a warning letter to a student, you should make sure that you don’t make him feel insulted. Here are a few important tips to remember:

Add a subject:

In order to make sure that students readily understand what the letter is about, always mention the subject line. It will make it clear to them what they should expect to see in the letter.

Discuss the details:

Mention all the details of the fee which is due. First, mention for how many days the student has not paid the fee. After that, let them know about the total fine they are supposed to pay.

Warn the student:

Let the student know that he has been sent many reminders to pay the fee. However, he did not pay heed to any of them. So, this time the school is issuing a warning to the student. In this area of the letter, make him aware of the consequences of not paying the fee.

Sample 1:

You are being informed that your school fee of six months is pending. The school has sent you many reminders to pay the fee earlier. However, you have not paid any heed to them. In addition, your parents also did not respond to any of the reminders the school had sent.

As per the policy of the school, the students are expected to pay the fee every month. They are allowed to delay the fee for up to two months. After that, the school is free to take the decision of a student’s suspension from the school. Since you are a capable student, we have given you a reasonable amount of time to pay the fee. However, we are still disappointed to see that you don’t seem to pay the fee since you have not responded to any of the notifications.

Please accept his letter as an official warning being issued to you on non-payment of the fee for six months. Failure to pay the fee by the due date of next month will result in your suspension from the school. Also, the school will not issue a school leaving certificate unless you clear all the pending dues.

If you have any serious issues with not paying the pending dues, you can talk to the vice principal of the school. The school can provide you with support in the best possible way. Furthermore, we can deduct the total fine added to your fee so that you can easily pay the fee as the school does not want anyone to compromise on their education.

Warning Letter to Students for Fee Submission 

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Sample 2:

Thank you so much for choosing XYZ College for completing your higher studies. You have always been a very able and talented student and based on your grades, the college’s management finds you as a very diligent student. The purpose of writing this letter is to draw your attention to your fee which has been due for 4 months.

Please accept this letter as a formal warning from the higher authorities of the school. As per the policy of the school, every student is required to pay the fee within two months after the fee challan has been issued. So, if you don’t pay the fee by the coming due date, you will have to face serious consequences. I hope that you will pay the fee in time.

Warning Letter to Students for Fee Submission 

Size: 32 KB