Tender Cover Letters

A basic tender cover letter is a useful tool that is used by people to win the competition. There are many people competing with you in a standard tender process. Although tender cover letters are not always required, they can be an important thing to create.

When should be included in the tender cover letter?

It is important to know what a tender cover letter should cover. Here are the main items of this document:

  1. Information about the recent achievements of the company.
  2. Reasons why the company applying for tender should be given the tender.
  3. Highlight the main aspects of the company.

How to write the tender cover letter

  1. Write the introduction of the company in a brief way. The qualification of the company, in accordance with the requirements of the client, should be mentioned in the introduction section. 

It is important to give the introduction in a persuasive manner so that the client can be convinced to give tender. It should be explained that why your company should be chosen to give the tender. Make sure that you must personalize the tender cover letter in order to tailor it for the project the client is giving the tender for.

2. By writing the tender cover letter, you are actually making an offer to your client. In this letter, you can tell the client the benefits he will be able to get after accepting your offer.

3. Keep the tender cover letter in a simple way. Keeping the letter simple does not mean that you compromise on the quality of the language and content. Write the tender cover letter in a sophisticated language. Make sure that you add all the relevant content in the letter. Also, add some additional services such as customer care services.

4. After getting the tender, you will have to work in partnership with the client. The client might be insecure about working in partnership with you. So, mention your approach towards working with anyone in partnership. The client should be made clear about your prerogative about the partnership

5. Mention the key benefits of giving tender to you

Sample Letters

Letter -1



Dear Mr. John,

With reference to your tender notice [X] advertised on 14th November 2019, with the due date of 15th December 2019, we are pleased to present our proposal.

We have developed our proposal after getting a comprehensive understanding of your company’s and the project’s requirements. We understand that you need this building to be one of its kind, with unique architectural design.

ABCD Limited has been serving the market with a team of expert architects for 25 years. We have been offering our services to many renowned national and international names, including ABC, XYZ, etc. Over the years, we have not only developed architectural experience but also, have established how to understand the client’s demands and satisfy them. We believe in uniqueness and quality at an affordable price.

Enclosed with this letter, we are submitting our detailed proposal and the relevant documents. All the details and information has been provided. If you need any more information or want any changes in the project proposal, please feel free to contact me at [X].

Once again, we thank you for giving this opportunity to us.


Emily Johns.

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Letter -2

Dear Ms. Jennifer,

We are pleased to present our proposal against your tender notice [X], which was advertised on 5th October 2019. Although the due date for the proposal is 3rd December 2019, we are submitting it beforehand, so that any required changes can be incorporated in a timely manner. 

After understanding your requirements, we believe we can be the best company to serve you for your electric spare parts. We have been supplying spare parts to this market for more than 7 years, and have developed an understanding of the customer requirements. You can also get the benefit out of our knowledge of the customer demands and identify the spare parts with high demand. As we import the spare parts from all over the world, we can serve a quality product at the most reasonable and competitive price, which is your main concern as well.

We have provided all the relevant details in the attached proposal. Let us know at [X] if any changes are required in the proposal. As we will be serving you for the first time, we are offering a 10% discount for the first year of our contract.

Thank you for this opportunity. We hope to serve you the best.


Sam John.

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