Science Fair Planner Template

A science fair is an important event. Students involved in this will have spent time and effort in arranging their projects. It is necessary to plan the science fair perfectly so that everything can go smoothly. A science fair is generally regarded as a competition in which contestants present a science project, display board, results as a report, and/or models which they have made. Science fairs let students who are in elementary, middle as well as high schools to compete energetically in science or technology activities.

What is a Science Fair Planner Template?

A successful and competitive science fair project needs planning along with the organization. This can be achieved with the help of a science fair planner template. The template can be used by students to guide them.

What to Include in the Planner?

Below are some tips on what to include in a science fair planner template.

  • Microsoft Word– You can use Microsoft Word to make this template in.
  • Images– To make the template interesting for the students, an image can be added at the beginning that is linked to science. Images can be used at necessary places, but do not use too many images.
  • Precise and to the point– The planner should be short and precise, including only the necessary points so that students are not confused with it. It should be easy to read and follow.
  • Information on what needs to be done arranged in order of sequence– It is important that all steps which need to be done be listed in order according to what needs to be done first. Students should know clearly how to proceed. These can be written in points. On the side can be a column where the student can tick whether they have completed the step. This will help them know if they are on track. Another column can be for a date. Over here, it can be recorded on what date the step was completed.
  • Looking for a topic– The first thing that needs to be done is to find a topic. This will be the first step. Ideas can be stated to help students find a topic, like what interests them, research on this to see if there is anything interesting, etc.
  • Next steps– Steps can include brainstorming, figuring out the problem, making a hypothesis, doing experiments, gathering, and composing data.

Advantages of the planner:

A science fair planner template has the following advantages:

  • Gives the students a guide about how to conduct a science project which will take part in the science fair.
  • A clear structure is provided so that good projects can be created without the student wasting time arranging a project that will not qualify.

Science fairs are exciting events that students who take part in enjoy as well. To help the students and teachers, a science fair planner template can be made. This will help in creating good projects that can take part in the science fair.


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