Project Authorization Letter

Projects are an important part of an institution, organization, etc. They allow people to gather important information that can be presented to others. There may be different formalities that need to be carried out to complete a project. One may include a project authorization letter.

What is a project authorization letter?

A project authorization letter is a letter written that states that one person has authorized the carrying out of a certain project to someone else. The individual will be giving someone the authority to complete the project. It is often sent to show that the person can do the project on someone else’s behalf.

Importance of a project authorization letter:

A project authorization letter is important because it can act like proof giving any relevant details to the person in charge. It is a formal way to let others know that the project will be handled by a certain person. It lets the person who is in charge of now carrying out the project have proof of this responsibility.

Tips to write a project authorization letter:

If you need to create a project authorization letter, you should keep in mind that it is a professional document that should be drafted carefully. The letter must contain certain details of the individual who needs to be authorized. The following tips can be kept in mind when making it:

  • Details of the receiver: You need to tell the name, address, etc. of the receiver.
  • Date: Include the date that the letter has been written.
  • Sender’s details: State the name, address, etc. of the sender.
  • Subject: The subject of the letter must be stated. It should not be too long. You can state something like “Authorization letter for the project”.
  • Address reader: You can address the reader with “Respected Sir/Madam”.
  • Body of the letter: You can begin the letter by telling the reader who you are, i.e. your name. After this tell that the letter is concerned with a certain project. Let the reader know the name of the project. You need to state that you are authorizing someone else, i.e. the authorized person to do the project. Tell the name of the authorized individual. Give the date from when this person will start handling the project. You can let the reader know why you are authorizing this person to do the project. State to who the abovesaid individual holds the authority. Mention their names here. Let the reader know who they can contact if there are any queries. Tell the name and contact number of the person and when they can be contacted.
  • Ending: The letter can be ended with something like “Thanking You” and then your signature, name, employee ID, or student ID.
  • Type it: The letter should be typed in an application like Microsoft Word. It is professional and should not be written by hand.
  • Check before sending: It is important to check to see if there are any spelling and grammar mistakes. These should not be present if you want the letter to be taken professionally.

Final words:

A project authorization letter is important when someone is authorizing a certain project to someone else. You want the reader to see your professionality therefore write it in a formal style.

Sample project authorization letter



(Name of sender)
(Address of sender)
(Contact number of the sender)

Subject: Authorization letter for project

Respected Sir/Madam,

With respect, my name is (tell your name). I am writing this letter in connection with the project (give the name of the project). I would like to tell you that I authorize Mr./Mrs./Ms. (name of the authorized individual) to handle the project work on (state the date here). This is because (tell why you are authorizing this person to complete the project, it may be because you are unavailable, ill, etc.).

The above-said individual will hold the authority to (mention who they hold the authority to).

If you have any questions you can directly contact Mr./Mrs./Ms. (name of the person) through call at (contact number of person) between (tell when this person can be contacted).

Thanking You,

(Give your signature)

(State your name)

(Provide your employee ID or student ID)

Project authorization letter

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