Office Leave out Messages


[Your Greeting] Thank you for contacting us. I’m out of the office currently and will be back at (Date of Return). During this slot, I will have partial access to my email. For instant response please contact me on my handset at (your cell phone number).


[Greeting] This is to inform you that due to my absence at workplace, I would not be able to respond you on time as I have got some other commitment that needs my immediate attention. Kindly forward your query to this [mentioned email] as he is the relevant person working on my behalf at this hour.

Thanking you in anticipation.


[Welcome] It is to bring to your notice that due to my paternity leave, I won’t be much actively present at my desk and particularly communication with clients will be managed on my [cell phone number] as I cannot show up on email regularly.

I hope you understand my situation and consider my apology for this inconvenience.

Looking forward to your messages.

Yours Obediently,

[Receiver’s Name]


[Salutation]I am writing this to inform you about the absence of my services due to my father’s death yesterday. I cannot cater your emails at this grim hour of my life. I am providing you with the concerned person’s [email id]. He will show up at my place and will let you know about the details and services that we are offering.

Apologies for not being there to facilitate you. I hope you would comprehend my circumstances.


Yours Truly,

[Your Name]


[Initial Greetings] I want to abide you by the purpose of my absentee and expect you to accept my apology over this. I have been reminded by my cell phone calendar application of my doctor’s appointment that I had booked earlier and got completely forgotten about it due to my hectic routine and pile of work. So [concerned person name] will be handling all my duties for a few hours and you can surely contact him through his [Email ID].

I will resume my duties at [mentioned date and time]. You can contact me at this hour.

Thanking you in advance.

Best wishes,

[your name]


[Welcome message] We know the art of keeping the customers happy and that’s what we are doing, keeping you in the chain of effective response mechanism. To make your queries clear and timely responded I am making my seat available to [name of the person] for fruitful assistance in the time of need. I won’t be able to make it today due to my friend’s special event which I have to attend today to make unforgettable memories. So, my colleague is here to help me out with my duties and support side.

You will find him trustworthy and reliable in every aspect. Don’t hesitate in asking him anything about the services. He will sure to be of great help to you guys. He is a communication guru and will not disappoint you at any cost.

Reply awaited.


Kind Regards,

[your name]


[Warm greetings] It is to bring to your attention that I am busy in the preparations of my sister’s marriage and this is my time to fulfil my responsibilities as an elder brother. I want to make my sister’s event special and memorable for her. So, I won’t be communicating with you over the emails. To avoid any miscommunication and to carry out the smooth interaction, I need you to connect with me through my [cell phone number] on WhatsApp. I will make my presence over there and will be in touch whenever required.

Thanking you earlier.

Yours Sincerely,

[your name]


[Welcome message] I have penned down my assistant’s contact number [contact number] as I won’t be able to answer your emails due to sickness. I have been suffering from flu and high fever since last night and could not manage to come to office. Doctor has advised me to take rest for two days. Kindly accept my genuine reason and connect with my assistant for any guidance.

He will manage in a perfect way and will handle all my tasks in my absence.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours Truly,

[employee name]


[Greetings] Due to the urgent meeting, called by the supervisors, I would not be in my cabin to answer your mails accordingly. Kindly forward your respective mails to my personal secretary. His contact number and details are as follows. [contact number]

Hoping to hear from you soon.


Yours Sincerely,

[Your name]


[warm welcome] To avoid the communication gap over my maternity leave, I am referring you to my very faithful colleague. She will be online at my desk and will be managing all the incoming mails. Her email id is [email id]. You can always ask her about the task given to me as she is aware of all the projects that I have achieved earlier.

It’s the toughest time of my pregnancy and I need to take care of myself through proper rest. I am very excited for my baby’s arrival and all my family members are waiting for the little one. This is the high time where I need my loved ones’ support and best wishes. I would like to request the same from your side. I will resume my activities from [mentioned date.

Remember me in your prayers and wish me a quick recovery after delivery.

Thanking you in anticipation. Hoping to get back soon.

Yours Faithfully,

[Your name]


[Greetings] As it’s the break time and I need to catch up with my friends at cafeteria for my colleague’s promotion treat. To avoid any inconvenience, you can contact me over my cell phone as that won’t be on silent. I will not be able to read your mails as I would not be in my office.

You can call or message on my number [contact number]. I will resume my activity from [mentioned time]. I will try my best to reply you on time while having my lunch.


Yours Truly,

[Receiver’s name]


[Greetings] It has been stated sadly that I met a car accident while coming to workplace yesterday morning at around [mentioned time]. My car collided with a truck that caused me severe injuries specifically to arms and legs. I am getting my treatment at a local hospital where the doctor has advised me to take complete rest for at least 2 weeks.

Keeping in the view the above-mentioned state, I am giving my colleague’s number who will be working at my place in office and will be arranging all the meetings and sessions for the upcoming project. Kindly stay in touch with him. He is a brother to me and I confide in him towards handling all my assigned duties very well.

Hoping to join my office soon with sound health and recovery. Prayers needed.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours Sincerely,

[your name]