MS Excel Billing Statement Invoice

A billing statement invoice is an invoice that is used for customer account management, invoice tracking, and general billing issues. Although this statement is not as comprehensive as the feature of a small business billing software it is all you need for your billing and invoicing requirements.

The billing statement includes important information regarding the transaction carried out by the person, the total amount due, and lots of other key details. In general, the invoice is used by credit card companies when they want their customer to know about the total amount they have spent.

Many companies use a billing statement invoice to provide information to customers about their accounting. In other words, a billing statement has used communication between the borrower and the lender.

This template has space for a column to record invoice numbers, a column to record received payments from different customers and also has a column for the generic amount that is used to record all the other credits, charges, fees, debts, etc.

What information does the billing statement provide?

The most important information provided by the billing statement is the minimum amount a borrower is required to keep in the account to keep it current. Some of the other main details are the total amount of transactions carried out in the month, the total amount transacted, the amount of interest charged on the transaction, and the closing statement at the end of the month.

Billing statement invoice template

This billing statement invoice also contains an invoice table having different colored lines, a company logo, a section for past dues, and a remittance section. Furthermore, this document has space for detailed information like descriptions, different fees, and any other relevant details.

The template is available in the XLS spreadsheet and is prepared in portrait orientation.

The billing statement invoice given here is a very useful tool in situations where you are involved in receiving regular payments from the same customer, for example, a tenant living in your rental properties.

This invoice if up to date can be sent to a specific customer to inform and notify them about the balance due to him.

How to create a billing statement invoice?

There are various sections into which the billing statement is divided. The first section of the billing statement includes the information about the cardholder and the account details such as name, previous balance, credits, amount transferred, and a lot more.

The second section of the billing statement includes information about the account such as the limit of the account, the total amount available in the account, the total amount spent, etc. Another section of the billing statement invoice is based on the benefits that the borrower can avail.

This section includes information about the total credits earned by the borrower due to transactions and the promotions in which the borrower may be interested.

The contact details of the credit company that is required by the customer where he can contact the company for any query are also given in the billing statement invoice.

It should be mentioned what should be done by the customer if there is any mistake seen in the statement. You can also use the billing statement templates to save time.