Letter to Correct Short Payment in Salary

Short payment is an incomplete payment of a statement or an account that happens for any reason. Short payments can occur when a client feels the undertaken services or work has not been gratified or it can be used as intended to circumvent paying the due amount.  

When an employee goes through this problem then it can be corrected by writing a letter to the concerned authority or manager and in it, he can state the actual reason that he has been paid short payment rather than actual one this month.

Receiving short payment becomes the root cause of many problems because it can disturb the whole financial circle of the month. Given a sample can be used for the same reason to affix this issue by relative authorities.

Instead of putting the matter orally to concerned authorities, letter writing is a more beneficial and suitable way. Writing a letter to relative authorities becomes proof for official record and it can be shown in the time of need. Already appointed employees and newly appointed employees can take benefit from it. Following is a sample letter to correct short payment in salary.

Sample Letter

9th August 20XX

Julie Anderson
Manager XYZ Company
Brooklyn St, 678

Subject: Short payment in salary

Dear Anderson,

Hope this message finds you in good health. The core purpose of writing this letter is to bring in your notice that my current monthly salary has been deducted due to unknown reasons. My basic monthly salary is $4,000 while I was paid $2500 for the current month which is substantially short salary. I have never come across such an issue since my joining here in the company.

The payslip that I received for this month was stating clearly that I am credited with $4000 however it was $1500 less than my actual salary. I came into shock after seeing this as I never came across this. This is a serious matter to me because I am a salaried person and all my household expenditures run with this salary. I complete all the tasks on time that are assigned to me. If I am not given my full salary then it would be hazardous ad can create intense financial problems for me.

I have been working in your company for the last five years and at the time of signing the contract on my joining here, it was written clearly that I would not be paid short than negotiated salary. I had discussed this matter with the accounts department but they did not show any concern to this. Therefore, I make a request to you to solve this problem as soon as possible.


Edward Ralph

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