Holiday Notice for Easter

Holiday notice for Easter is a notice that is issued by an organization and is intended to inform the addressee party about the duration of holidays an organization is taking/giving for the occasion of Easter. The addressee party could be the employees, customers, or other organizations. The writer organization can reach the intended audience in separate notices or issue a general notice for everyone.

Easter is one of the occasions in which everyone engages in festive celebrations with their family. Therefore, the organizations announce the holidays to let their employees enjoy their family time. However, to avoid any confusion and misunderstanding, it is essential to notify all the concerning stakeholders properly about the number of days an organization will be closed for Easter. In addition, it is important to inform them about the work resumption date. These purposes are served through the issuance of a holiday notice for Easter by the organization.

The issuance of this notice has many benefits, such as:

  • It helps in clearing any confusion, that may arise, regarding the exact dates of the holidays.
  • It serves as evidence, and no party can claim that they were not informed about the duration of the holidays.
  • If a notice has been issued to the customers, they will know why they are not being served during this time. This helps an organization in retaining its customers and maintaining goodwill.
  • Other organizations, who may have projects or business going on with the notice issuing organization, would get to know the date when the work would be resumed.
  • The employees can plan their holidays if they know in advance about the off days.  

Usually, the organizations keep this Easter holiday notices brief, but the length can vary depending on their company’s requirements or the addressee party. However, the general details included in such notices are:

  • Notice issuance date.
  • Contact details.
  • Addressee (if it is not addressed generally to everyone).
  • The dates and duration of the Easter holidays.
  • The date of the office reopening with regular hours.
  • The Easter wishes.
  • Gratitude.
  • Organization name and logo.

Even though it is a holiday notice, this notice is a formal document, and hence, the tone of this should not be informal or candid. However, it is often drafted with vibrant colors, appealing font, and attractive design. Yet, the text should be legible, so that the basic purpose of the notice does not go wasted.

An organization can design its own template or edit an existing template, which is already available on the internet or programs. Having a template makes issuing a notice easy every time a need arises. Secondly, it also saves the organization’s time, as only the details need to be edited, without altering the basic design.

A holiday notice is different than a letter. When a letter is issued by an organization, it is more detailed than a simple notice. Secondly, the letter is personalized than a notice. For instance, if a letter is being written to the employees, it will contain the details regarding any bonuses, etc., in addition to the holiday dates. On the contrary, a notice will only serve the purpose of a notification, which will be brief and concise.

Sample Holiday Notice for Easter

Date of the notice

Contact details.

Dear employees,

ABC limited will remain closed from 30th March – 4th April 20XX for the Easter holidays. The work will resume on 5th April 20XX with regular working hours.

Happy Easter! Enjoy your holidays!

Thank you!

Organization name
Logo of the organization

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Easter Holiday Closure Letters


Re. Closure of Office during Easter 20XX

Dear Staff,

I am writing this letter to affirm the closure of the office during the Easter holidays. Easter is one the most awaited period for everyone as it is the time we fancy to spend with our family and friends. It is the time to rejoice and celebrate it by creating the best of our memories and the loveliest of the moments.

Everybody likes to spend this time ensuring leisure, amusement, and pleasure. They want this time to coexist with contentment and excitement. To make this true, we have decided to celebrate four days off from work i.e., from 2nd April 20XX to 5th April 20XX. During these days you are not enjoined to do any of the office work or not impelled to accomplish any task.

All the remaining assignments and projects shall be addressed and further looked into after the reopening of the office. After coming back to the office, we would resume working on the remaining HMCs from 6th April 20XX. During these holidays, the Sales department is encouraged to keep working till 2nd April 20XX and stay off from work from 3rd April 20XX to 5th April 20XX.

We wish you a very happy time in these holidays and stay safe. Please take good care of yourself during holidays and try to act upon the SOPs to stay away from the risk of COVID-19. We also wish you safe journeys that are planning to travel and delight.

Office timings after the holidays shall remain the same. Thank you.


Stephen Hawthorne
General Manager,
Lexico Hint Landmark Company
I-17, Sylvia Stark Heights San Diego

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Re. Notification of the Easter Holidays 

Dear Staff,

I am delighted to share this news with all of you. With reference to the above-cited subject, it is evitable that you all are excited enough and I am sure you all are having red faces while reading further. I am excited to share that the Easter dates have been announced and the office shall remain closed from 3rd April 20XX to 6th April 20XX.

All the projects that are already going on shall be dealt with after returning to the office. All the deadlines and meetings coming between the mentioned dates will be extended and rescheduled later. However, staff from the Sales Department shall reschedule their calls and continue their SMS Provision Services during holidays except for Easter Day. To treat you for this Easter, an additional amount of 1.7% shall be paid to employees without distinction along with their salaries to be paid before 3rd April 20XX.

 Due to the current situation of the pandemic, we have declined the idea of celebrating the Easter Dinner in the office as it goes against the conduct of SOPs ordained. We wish you an exciting and delightful Easter suffused with beautiful and memorable moments bringing amelioration for you and your health. We thank you for your continued association and appreciate your competence with a proficient demeanor team while giving your best.

Thank you.


David Henfield
Managing Director
UDLPC Groups
T-56, Nespa Road, Hopkins Heights, San Diego

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