Complaint Letter to Society for Cleanliness

In many regions, societies are formed that are intended to perform particular activities. Generally, they work for the betterment of people and work for providing facilities to people. The society responsible to ensure cleanliness in the area recruits different service providers and sweepers who do the cleaning. However, sometimes these recruited people don’t perform well. 

What is a complaint letter to society for cleanliness?

The complaint letter is written to the society when it is seen that the area under the supervision of the society is not being considered for providing cleaning services. In such situations, the negligence of people is generally evident and the complaint letter lets the concerned authorities know about it.

Who should write this complaint letter?

Anyone who is suffering from poor cleaning and hygiene can write a complaint to criticize the performance of the society in their area. People who belong to society are usually expected to write a complaint letter to concerned authorities.

Who should be sent the complaint about cleanliness?

The heads of the society that run the society have the authority to issue the orders to clean the area and admonish those who have been so negligent towards their duties. People who write to criticize the cleanliness services should know who they should write because they can reap fruitful results only if they manage to write the letter to concerned people.

What should be addressed in the letter to complain?

The complaint letter is always written to address the issues and then get those issues resolved. Some people don’t provide details completely and some also don’t address all the issues due to which, their issues are never resolved even after writing the complaint. Below are a few points to be considered well before writing it:

Discuss the condition of the society:

Don’t forget to mention in the letter that you have found the society to be filthy and soil. Then, describe the condition to elaborate on what exactly you mean when you say that cleanliness is not being adopted. For instance, if you have found heaps of trash at various places, mention it in the letter to prove that society needs immediate attention.

Tell what you want to be done:

The first and foremost need of every person writing this complaint letter is to get the cleaning of the area done. So, ask the reader to make arrangements to clean the region and also reprimand those who don’t perform their duties well.

A sample complaint letter to society for cleanliness:


Subject: Cleanliness complaint letter

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am writing this letter on behalf of the entire society to register a complaint about the poor cleaning facility in the society.

The issue of bad cleaning has affected all of us badly. We have complained about this issue many times. However, no one listened to us. The management committee which is responsible to provide cleaning services is not performing well and their negligence has made the streets and roads of the society filthy.

The management’s behavior with the society members is also not good. There are heaps of garbage at every corner of the streets. The society members are paying monthly for getting rid of the garbage. However, the garbage is not being disposed of. I and all the society members want you to find a permanent solution to our problems of cleanliness.

Due to no proper cleaning, there are chances of many breakouts in the society that puts lives and the health of people at risk. Due to this, the condition of cleanliness in our area needs proper and immediate attention. We request you to expel all those workers from their jobs who don’t fulfill their duties with honesty. Furthermore, hire more sweepers who can clean the entire society on daily basis.

I would like to politely request you to take immediate steps to clean the society so that we can breathe in a fresh and clean environment. In case you want to know more, you can contact me on (mention your phone number).


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Complaint letter to society for cleanliness

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