Breach of Contract Complaint Letter

A contract is a voluntary agreement that is enforceable by law. All the terms and conditions of the contract are agreed upon by both parties.

It is important for both parties to abide by those terms. In case any of the parties breaches the contract, the other party has a right to file a lawsuit against the party that breached the contract.

The letter should include the details regarding the breach. The letter should include the contact details of the recipient, the subject, and the details of the contract that has been breached.

Key elements of the letter:

There are primarily 4 basic elements of this letter.

  1. The letter should be written in such a way that the existence of the contract can be proved through it.
  2. It should also be stated in the letter that the suing party has performed it’s all its obligations
  3. It should also be stated that the other party has failed to perform its duties
  4. The details about the damages that you and your business have faced due to the breach should also be given in the complaint letter.
  5. The best approach is to describe both parties, their obligations, and their goals.
  6. Also mention the details about the damages, the estimated amount required to compensate the damages and a lot more.

Sample Letter -1

This letter serves as a formal notice to you that you have breached the contract signed between us on [Date]. According to the contract, I was supposed to receive a supply of hair dyes from your company for my beauty salon after making the advance payment. The delivery was to be made within a week. However, it has been a month and I have still not received the supplies for which I have already made the advance payment.

I am hereby canceling the contract with you and would like to demand a full refund of my advance payment. I am not interested in doing business with you anymore owing to your poor service and unprofessional attitude.

Kindly contact me as soon as you receive this notice. In case I don’t hear from you or receive my refund soon, I shall follow legal action against you.

Breach of contract complaint letter

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Sample Letter -2

This letter serves to notify you that your company has breached the contract signed between us on [date]. The agreement clearly stated that you will complete the required renovation work at our office within a period of two weeks. However, the place is still a mess after an entire month. We granted you the deadline extension you requested last week. But even the extension period is over now with no considerable progress.

All our office work is on hold due to your delay. We are facing a loss owing to your agreement violation. We, therefore, demand compensation from your company for this loss. Additionally, you must complete the remaining work within this week. A failure to fulfill either of these conditions will compel us to seek legal help against you.

Breach of contract complaint letter

Letter Sample 67 KB


Dear Jonson, this is to inform you that we signed a mutual agreement for vehicle parking on [mention date]. This decision was unanimous by both parties, and its chief point was that adherence to rules would be compulsory. We had decided on a fixed amount for vehicles pulling up. Many complaints by customers have made that the parking costs way too much high. We investigated this affair, and actual results are vindicating proclamations made on Mr. Charles.

This message propounds that you have breached the contract, and disciplinary action will be taken against you. If you find yourself innocent, please let us know the details so may we rethink our decision. Thank you.


This letter is to remind you of the agreement we made with your company on [mention date]. According to the concurrence, you had signed to accomplish the office renovation work in two weeks. You breached the contract and left the work undone. I have been trying to contact you but you are out of reach. There is a mess everywhere in the office which makes it difficult to work. I was not expecting such an indifferent attitude from you.

This letter is a warning to make things done within a week. Our important projects are getting delayed because of lack of sitting space. Please remember that if you do not accomplish the remaining work on time, we will end up canceling all future contracts. 


This is to state that you have contravened the settlements made between us on [mention date]. It was mandatory for both sides to follow the contract’s policies as non-compliance will be dealt with legally. This has been brought to my notice that you are using poor quality materials in product manufacturing. I warned you many times to follow the rules but you always ended up breaking the terms and conditions.

We have gone through the worst phase of the financial crisis this month as we made only 20% of sales this month. This has affected badly our customers’ relationships. Please consider this message as a deterrent and before [mention date] credit the full amount to our official account. Thank you.


I am Steward Smith, operation manager at ABC Organization. On [mention date] our companies had signed a mutual contract of providing leather for the whole year. 80% of the amount fixed in the agreement was credited to your company’s official account.

According to the agreement, you had to deliver the leather by [mention date] but the delivery has not been confirmed yet. This is an open violation of the agreement. Hundreds of customers’ orders are in the queue, and we are unable to do anything. Kindly make sure to deliver the product within three working days otherwise, we will send you a legal notice.