Warning Letter for Physical Assault

Rational behavior of someone can harm the people in the vicinity. Various situations arise when people face physical assault. Assault is sometimes defined as deliberate actions to harm someone. When a person is physically assaulted by someone then he must respond physically or use Law to protect himself.  This act of disrespect is the result of a rational behavior of the person that we usually ignore and then a stage comes when the said person uses physical means to hurt someone. Initially, these types of people treat other people with disrespectful verbal conduct but when their wrath is not satisfied with verbal misconduct then they shift to the next level of harming somebody physically.

Proper laws are formed to protect people from such physical assaults and complaint can be launched against such people. It is also recommended to point out such persons in the vicinity who are mentally disturbed and try to hurt people through any mean so that timely actions may be taken against such persons to avoid any incident.


Warning Letter for Physical Assault

Abner Addison
Block 7 D, Light Avenue, Los Angeles

20th April 2017

Mr. Elton Adam
The Abner Enterprises
Block 5 A, Fresh Avenue, Los Angeles

Dear Mr. Elton Adam,

This warning letter is being issued for your misconduct with [INSERT NAME]. You are continuously doing a physical assault on your colleagues and because of that, you are given this warning letter. It has been observed that you have done [DETAILS] which is against the code of conduct resulting in willful insubordination and gross negligence of duties. The manager of my company warns you not to misbehave with others and you did a physical assault on him. You should have been terminated on the spot, but because you are one of the most intelligent employees we have and due to your services, we are giving you a chance to explain about the incident. You are further advised to submit a written explanation on your unethical act as soon as you receive this letter. Treat this letter as an urgent charge sheet.


Abner Addison.


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Warning Letter for Physical Assault


Warning Letter for Physical Assault

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