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One of the ways with which nature tests you is annoying tenants. O yeah! I am serious. If you ever had an encounter with teasing tenants you can understand why did I call it nature’s test. Since you rent your property or land with the objective to generate some income, there come times when renting your property starts affecting you inversely. This happens when your tenants delay paying rents, violate contract rules or misuse your property. In all such cases, you should think about writing an eviction letter to them.

Eviction letters are used to notify tenants to evacuate your place till the given date. These letters are legal letters and in case the tenant refuses to take your letter seriously, you can file a petition to seek legal help.

Since eviction letters are legal letters, they should be written in business letter format. It is recommended to write your letter as professionally as you can. Here are some tips to follow while writing eviction letters.

  • Do not send eviction letters by email. Either give the letter by hand, or by post.
  • Keep a duplicate letter with you
  • Explain your tenant why do you want to kick him out. Your tenant might accidentally be a good person and may think to correct his mistake.
  • Do not try to threaten your tenant. This can be costly for you if the matter is raised in the court.
  • Mention the deadlines and eviction dates properly.

Professionally and decently written eviction letters usually reap good results. It is in the favor of your tenant as well as you to not lose the grip of ethics.

If you’re looking forward to getting rid of an annoying tenant using an eviction letter, we’re helping you here with our samples.

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Eviction letter template

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