Warning Letter for Negative Language Use

Office environment plays an important role in job satisfaction and improving overall productivity in an organization. Managers understand the importance of providing a safe environment, so employees can concentrate on the tasks at hand. Therefore, almost all organizations have a belief system and a set of values that are inculcated top down in any organization.

One of the most critical elements in job satisfaction is that employees feel respected, appreciated and heard. Therefore, the language used in office must be respectful, polite and constructive. Whether the communication takes place between a supervisor and a subordinate or colleagues, negative language cannot and must not be used under any circumstances. Negative language includes:

  • Taunting
  • Using harsh words
  • Degrading words
  • Abusive language
  • Threats to do physical harm
  • Verbal harassment and personal comments on a person’s ability or appearance
  • Blaming others or talking in a tone that suggests it’s the fault of the person you are talking to
  • Saying you can’t, you won’t, or you are unable to…
  • Hostile tone or words

Even in conflict situations, care should be taken to abstain from making personal comments, taunting, abusing or using harsh words. Any disagreements and/or arguments must be handled carefully. Negative language is considered discouraging and demotivates employees. Telling a person that you are unable to do this or you are incompetent will never help an organization nor the recipient. In contrast, using positive words and tones is likely to motivate and boost an employee’s morale, coaxing him/her to make further efforts.

It is the responsibility of the management to ensure that employees support and build each other through positive communication. Anyone using negative language must be discouraged. Employees at the receiving end of the negative language may take such grievances to the human resource department.

Sample letter

To [employee name]

Subject:                Warning against using negative language

It has been brought to our notice that your behavior with fellow colleagues and subordinates has been less than exemplary. As per the organizational values everyone must be treated with respect and kindness. Errors and mistakes must be communicated in a professional way without being harsh or derogatory.

All employees are recruited through a merit-based recruitment process and therefore have the capability to perform the assigned tasks. If their work performance is poor, managers are expected to figure out ways to motivate and correct an employee, bringing them up to standard.

In case any co-worker or subordinate makes a mistake or is not working up to standard, please communicate with them using positive language and constructive criticism. Using negative language in the office cannot be tolerated as it decreases job satisfaction among employees. You might find people more cooperative and willing to learn when you use positive reinforcement and use a non-negative tone when pointing out mistakes. As a manager, you are expected to display patience and lead through example.

Please consider this notice the first warning against the use of negative language. We hope you exhibit a more tactical approach towards managing employees and realize the rewards of using positive language.


Human Resources Department


Warning Letter for Negative Language Use


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