Skills Development Proposal Letter Template

Employees need to have certain skills that they use to help the company advance and get more profits. The environment is very competitive in every field and all employees need to remain on top of this. They will therefore need to have training so that they can get the right skills that will be able to help them out. These skills will be useful to the employee and the company also.

A trainer can write a skills development proposal letter to an employer telling them about the skills development training that they offer. In this letter, it will be the job of the trainer to convince the reader to consider the training. Therefore reasons need to be given about why the training is important to the organization. It must be related to the work that the company does.

The reader must see why the skills development will be useful and will play a role in helping the business.

You will need to write the letter in a professional way so that the reader takes it seriously. If there are any spelling and grammar errors, they will not be taken seriously. Before sending the proposal letter, it is necessary to proofread it so that you can check if everything is fine. You should advertise your services so that the company can consider them.

This is a letter that a trainer writes to the HR manager or employer of a company telling them about how the skills development training can help the company out.

How to write?

If you need to write the skills development proposal letter, you should include the reasons why this training is important. Keep in mind the following points when writing it:

Introduce yourself and the training:

Start by providing your introduction and state your experience. Let the reader immediately know about the skills development.

Tell why coaching matters:

You need to let the reader know how the training is important for the company. You can state how it is important in today’s competitive environment.

Details of the skills development:

You can tell about the sessions and how many classes they will be and their time duration. Let the reader know about the learning outcomes.


Subject: Proposal Letter for Skills Development for [ABC]

Dear Mr. ABC,

I am Peter and am a trainer in XYZ Company that is a well-reputed institute. We provide skills development training to companies like yours. Our aim is to help employees get the skills that are essential nowadays for businesses to succeed.

I hope to organize one of our skills development coaching sessions in your company. Here we will provide you with interactive lectures concerning various communication skills, management strategies, etc. The goal of the session is to let the attendees get something useful from it that they can implement in real life.

If you are interested in this training, please feel free to contact us at [X] or email me at (state your email).


Subject: Proposal for skills development in [XYZ] for [ABC]

Dear ABC,

I am Smith working in XYZ institute. I am writing to let you know about our efficient and advanced skills development training.

This training will involve teaching staff members the important skills needed in today’s business environment. In this way, they will be able to learn the skills that can help your business advance. I would like to provide special training concerning developing communication.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please feel free to contact us on [X] or by email (mention your email address).

Skill development proposal letter

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