Security Receipt Template

A security receipt is a printed proof of payment between two parties. Security receipts are given when the lesser or seller gives a property or some deposit to a purchaser. As a token of the down payment according to the rent or sales deed security deposit is made. A security receipt is a proof of that token money.

A security receipt is an important document which is considered as a part of the sale or rent deed. The receipt has the name of the two people or companies between whom the purchase is happening, also known as the lessor/owner and buyer. It has

  • The date of the security deposit
  • The address of the property in question
  • The amount of money paid
  • The medium of the payment for example whether the payment was made by cash or cheque or demand draft etc.
  • Name of the guarantor or financial institution where the amount will be held. In case of rent the time for which the security deposit is considered valid and if it is refundable or not.
  • The receipt is then signed by both the lessor and the lessee and the guarantor.

This receipt is not only important for rent or sales deeds but also equally important in case of taking a loan from financial institution or person. In this case, the names and signatures are of the loan lender and borrower. If a loan is taken from the financial institution then a responsible person from that institution [assigned for the purpose] receives the amount and signs & dispatches the receipt. There are different generic security receipt templates available on the internet to choose from according to your requirements.

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Security Deposit Receipt Template

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