Puppy Deposit Receipt

A dog is man’s best friend and most of us want to keep a pet dog for many reasons. Especially, kids are eager to get a newborn puppy, so they can see it grow, play with it, and enjoy its company. There are a lot of pet stores where you can find the puppy you are looking for. The pet stores have a variety of breeds for you to choose from. Sometimes you do have to wait if you’re looking for a rare breed puppy. The deposit that you give for the purchase of a pet puppy is usually non-refundable.

The puppy deposit receipt is generally used by people dealing with the sale and purchase of a puppy. Many people like to own a puppy and then train it. There are puppy shops where different breeds of puppies are sold. When you purchase a puppy, you are required to deposit the money.

The money is deposited usually after receiving the puppy deposit receipt. It should be noted that the money paid is not refundable in some situations. The money in some cases is also deposited in advance even before the birth of the puppy. The deposit receipt becomes an important document for the security of the buyer.

The puppy deposit slip is like an agreement or contract of purchase between the buyer and the pet shop or pet supplier. The information that the receipt holds is as follows:

  • The name of the pet supplier
  • The logo of the pet-supplying company
  • The date the puppy was purchased
  • The terms and conditions that apply to the purchase
  • The contact information of the pet supplier
  • The name of the purchaser
  • The contact information of the purchaser
  • The breed of the puppy
  • The age of the puppy
  • The sex of the puppy
  • The color of the puppy
  • The amount of the purchase
  • The amount paid
  • The balance to be paid later (if required)
  • The mode of payment
  • The signature of the seller
  • The signature of the buyer.

The format of the receipt depends upon your requirements. Different templates are available in different formats and layouts. The receipts are used by pet shops to keep a record of the sales they have made and for the clients to keep a record of the new pets they have purchased.

Puppy deposit receipt template:

The puppy deposit receipt template has been provided here. This template provides a simple sample of the receipt. By looking at the sample, the user can create his receipt. Usually, the money is deposited for buying the required breed of puppy in advance. The deposit is not refunded until the puppy seller does not find the required breed of dog anywhere.

Sometimes, the people deposit the puppies yet to be born. In this situation, the depositor cannot specify the required color, sex, or other specifications of the puppy.

The seller, in this case, tells the buyer that he will not be able to receive the required number of puppies if the dog does not give birth to enough babies. The seller then returns the deposited money to the depositor.

What must be included in the template?

This receipt template mentions the date on which the depositor deposited the money. The receipt also mentions the color, breed, and other markings of the puppy requested by the depositor. The terms and conditions on which the money is being deposited should be specified.

The seller in the receipt also says that the puppy of which age will be handed over to the owner. At the end of the receipt, the signatures of the seller and buyer are taken. Both parties need to keep this receipt as proof to avoid any type of scam or fraud.

Puppy Deposit Receipt template

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