Handyman Receipt

A handyman is a professional person responsible for carrying out the tasks of repair in houses and offices. The transaction of money is not only after the selling and purchase of goods. Many service providers also charge their clients for rendering the services provided by them.

A handyman is a person who helps you with generally any type of work done for maintenance or repair of the house. When someone is renovating or getting his/her house constructed, they might hire a handyman themselves or the contractor would provide them with a handyman. In both cases, a receipt would be given called a handyman receipt.

What is a handyman receipt?

When you need to get anything repaired in the house, you will have to hire a professional person who will perform the repairing task for you. There are some individuals as well as the companies that provide the handyman to clients. After providing the repair services, the handyman issues the receipt to his clients.

It is not just important for the client to assess their budget but also important for the construction companies or the contractors that are hired. In short, a handyman receipt is proof of not just the amount that you charged for the services as a handyman but also the materials used and their price.

It is a formal request for payment of work done around the house whether or not the house is being renovated. The handyman services receipt displays the information about the handyman e.g. name, contact information, the company he works for, etc. The receipt also shows information about the client like; name, contact information, address, etc. For authentication of the receipt has the date of issue and receipt ID.


The second part of the receipt shows detail about the services provided along with the price of each service respectively and the total amount for the services given. Also, the complete detail about the materials purchased, their quantity, the name of the suppliers, their respective prices and the complete price of the sum of all of the materials. In the end, the grand total of the services and materials is mentioned as the payable amount and the mode of payment.

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Why it is important to use the handyman receipt?

The handyman receipt is not just important for a handyman since it helps him get the money in exchange of services but also for clients who want to know about each service provided by the handyman and the cost of the service. The client also gets information about the cost of material used in the provision of repair service.

What should be included in the handyman receipt?

The handyman receipt template is used for requesting the money for the work done in the house or in any commercial building. The purpose of using the receipt is to display the information about the work done by the handyman such as name, contact details, details of the company and a lot more.

The information about the client who is rendering the service is also mentioned in the handyman receipt. It is important to mention the date on which the receipt is issued.  

After mentioning the details of the client and the service provider, the type of services provided, and the total cost is mentioned. The materials which are placed in order to complete the repair work should be specified in the handyman receipt.

In this receipt, the quantity of material that was used should also be specified in the receipt. The mode of payment can also be mentioned in the receipt for the convenience of the client.  The total payable amount and the grand total is the most important part of the receipt which should never be overlooked.