Academic Calendar Template 2016-2017

2016-17 Academic Calendar

An academic calendar is planned at the beginning of every year by the administrating staff of educational institutes. It is created at all levels including schools as well as institutes for higher education. The calendar helps in planning all the academic as well as extra-curricular activities. These include examination sessions, public holidays, vacations, sports events, academic competitions and other activities. In this way, all these events can take place on time in an organized manner.

Once it has been created, the calendar serves as a source of information for students, parents as well as the faculty staff. The concerned individuals can then schedule their personal and family commitments accordingly. In addition, the calendar also informs about important dates for registration, fee submission project deadlines and so on. This can help students make arrangements accordingly.

There can be a long list of activities and events in an academic calendar. Therefore, it can take a lot of time to create. However, you can save yourself the trouble of formatting and designing by using a template for this purpose. When a pre-formatted template is available, you can easily focus on planning the overall academic schedule. This calendar can then be printed. Copies can be circulated among students as well as the faculty staff members.

On the other hand, an online calendar can also be placed on an institute’s website. In this way, all concerned individuals can have easy access to it. In addition, modifications can also be made. An updated calendar can be created using the same template.

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academic calendar 2016-2017



Academic Calendar Template 2016-17

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