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Car Cash Deposit & Receipts

A deposit receipt marks the receiving and paying of deposit amount for the purchase of a commodity or service. The car deposit receipt is a written acknowledgment of the money given and received for the purchase of a car. The car can be a brand new zero meter or a second hand, which ever you purchase the receipt of deposit is issued.

The car deposit receipt is more of a sales deed giving detailed information about the car, its model and make and the terms of conditions that apply to the purchase. The VIN, Mileage, year of the model, color and other details are also written in the description on the car deposit receipt. Sometimes when you purchase a new car you need to apply for insurance and that information is also added in the receipt.

A car is an expensive item, so the deposit is usually broken into a couple of installments. The date of the next installments is also mentioned in the receipt. Usually, the deposit made for the car is non-refundable and this is mentioned in the terms and conditions on the receipt. The receipt is authenticated by the signature and stamp of the seller and the buyer. Please note that sometimes this deal is not between the car sale show room and the individual buyer, sometimes it’s between suppliers and show rooms and individual seller and individual buyer. So the car deposit receipt template is chosen according to that. The layout, file format, terms and conditions and information displayed is selected on the basis of the business done.

Here is a sample template was given to help you make a deal. Download, customize and print.

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car deposit receipt



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