Commercial Receipt

Commercial Business Invoice

Generally, a receipt is known as a document used in businesses to keep a record of the services given or products sold and the payments received for them respectively. A commercial receipt is a receipt used in foreign trade business. Foreign trade is a business trade or exchange of goods and services involving an economic exchange between two countries. In day to day language when two countries do the business activity of import and export of goods or services, they are said to be doing foreign trade.

A commercial receipt is a typical document of legal value that holds information relating to the foreign trade transactions. The receipt is used when the goods or the service crosses the borders of the two countries. This document is not just important for the companies doing foreign business but the government of the two countries as well. The government uses these documents to evaluate the trade and implement taxes. These are used in keeping records of accounts and when performing the audit.

The information displayed in the commercial receipt is:

  • The invoice number
  • Date of issue
  • The shipper’s name
  • The detailed address of the shipper
  • Tax id number of the shipper
  • Country and postal code
  • Other identification information if required
  • Commodity description
  • Country of the manufacturer
  • Quantity
  • The price per unit
  • Total price
  • The consignee name
  • The detailed address of the consignee
  • The tax number of the consignee & weight of the consignment
  • Freight cost
  • Insurance cost
  • Grand total
  • Signature and stamp of the shipper
  • The signature and a small undertaking by the consignee.

Here is a commercial receipt template is given which you can utilize in your business. Hope this helps!

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Commercial receipt



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