Reprimand Letter to Employee for Continued Poor Performance

Sample #1

This letter has been sent to you as an official warning on account of your poor performance for the past few months. I am warning you to take strict action against you if you do not bring a change in your performance. This step has been taken to enhance your ability as this will help you a lot in making your performance better. I had received many complaints against you for your laziness and not accomplishing the tasks in assigned hours. Your poor performance has overall impacted the work arena.

I have high expectations from you and want you to perform better in the future. If I receive the same complaint again, you will be responsible for the severe consequences.

Sample #2

Please take this letter as a reprimand as your inactivity is badly impacting your work performance. You do not follow the office timings and a lot of pending tasks are yet to be done. You often remain absent from the office without giving any prior notice and you cannot continue your job with this attitude. Your colleagues’ productivity is also affected due to this as you are their team member. Your inefficiency is also delaying their tasks and we will not tolerate this at all.

If you do not perform well then the company will take stringent action against you. You need to be punctual and demonstrate a consistent attitude. You have been hired for research assistance and we expect good from you. I hope you will take this message seriously.

Sample #3

I have been informed by your supervisor that you are performing poorly. You do not submit the assignments on time and commit many mistakes. Despite giving many instructions neither you tried to improve yourself nor did you listen to the instructions. You cannot continue your job with this lethargic attitude. You are a mature guy and I expect good from you. You are advised to take this reprimand message seriously.


This is a last warning to you to bring change in yourself. Any failure in executing tasks will cause serious trouble for you. Do not ignore the warning and perform wisely.

Sample #4

This is an official reprimand letter written to warn you of your negligence in making the performance up to the mark. You have been violating the organization’s policies for the past few weeks and were warned many times. All those warnings did not work and because of you, we lost our main project with ABC Organization. Your insubordination is not acceptable at all and now you will be under strict surveillance.

You are supposed to come up to the expectations of the company and I will provide you with my thorough assistance. I have devised a schedule for you and I believe you will start showing positive results by following it.

Sample #5

Hello Steward, I am writing this message to draw your attention to a serious matter. I have gone through the monthly performance of all the employees and you stood last on the list. Your performance made me disenchanted as you were in my good books.

You were given the task of increasing your sales target but you made only a few sales. This happened because of your not coming regularly. Your bad performance has overall affected the organization. I have always seen you working diligently with honesty and a firm attitude but your current report disappointed me a lot. I want you to be on the toppers list.

If you are going through any issues then you can discuss them with me. I will try to assist you in the best possible way. Next month, I want to see you performing well otherwise I will take strict action against you.

Sample #6

Dear Macdiff, this message has been written after seeing a continuous decline in your performance. You failed to reach the set targets given to you by your supervisor. I had already discussed this with you but you did not show good performance. It has also been observed that you are not making any efforts to change your behavior. You missed an important presentation on [mention date] and I faced a lot of embarrassment due to your ruthlessness.

Your non-seriousness can result in losing your job and you will have no other option than to repent. You are a hard-working person and I want you to take this letter seriously.

Reprimand Letter to Employee for Continued Poor Performance

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