Query Letter for Misconduct

#1 Harassment

I am writing to report a serious incident of workplace harassment that occurred within our organization this Thursday, March 12. The incident involved XYZ from the IT department. The harassment took place in the office cafeteria on the 2nd floor. I managed to gather substantial evidence against the intolerable behavior of XYZ.

I kindly request that our Human Resources Department carry out a thorough investigation based on the evidence I have attached to this letter. Please look into this matter and take the necessary actions following our company’s anti-harassment policies. Such behavior must be addressed promptly to discourage such incidents.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I am prepared to cooperate fully with the investigation and provide any additional information as required.

#2 Unprofessional Behavior

I am writing to bring to your attention an important issue regarding one of our suppliers, ABC. On (date) during our monthly meeting with ABC’s representatives, their manager misbehaved with our team and refused to cooperate when we requested them to adjust the delivery dates to overcome unforeseen challenges.

Such unprofessional behavior is unacceptable. Any conflicts or disagreements should be resolved with proper etiquette and work code. However, ABC’s manager showed a despicable attitude and used unacceptable language with us. I have evidence of the incident in the form of witnesses as well as the recording of our meeting.

I kindly request that our Vendor Management Department initiate an investigation into this matter. ABC should be penalized according to our company’s policy regarding misconduct.

I am available to provide further information regarding the incident. I would like to thank you for your attention to this matter and hope for a quick response.

#3 Insider Trading

I would like to bring to your attention a matter of serious concern regarding insider trading within our organization. The Senior Manager, of the Finance Department, Mr. John Doe is involved.

Several suspicious transactions were made by Mr. Doe for 2 months from July 20XX to September 20XX. I have documented the relevant transactions by obtaining information from our financial records. Insider trading not only violates the law but also damages our company’s integrity as well as reputation.

I, therefore, kindly request for the immediate involvement of our Legal Department for further investigation. An appropriate action should be taken immediately as per the company’s policies.

Please let me know if you need further information. I will be glad to help.

#4 Misuse of Company’s Funds

I am XYZ from the Accounts Department. It has come to my notice that there has been a misuse of the company funds. It’s a severe breach of the company’s policies. The suspicious transactions were made this month by XYZ, Manager ABC Department.

I am enclosing copies of the accounts, highlighting the discrepancies. I kindly request the higher management to look into the matter and take appropriate action based on the attached evidence.

I will be glad to provide further assistance regarding your investigation. Please let me know if you need more details.

#5 Insubordination

The purpose of this letter is to bring to your attention a concerning matter. One of the company’s newly hired employees, XYZ of the ABC Department has shown insubordination on many occasions. I, therefore, request the management to address the issue and take the necessary action.

XYZ has been employed as (job title) under my supervision. However, he often fails to do as directed. He overlooks instructions and does not even fulfill direct orders. I have tried to counsel him on several occasions but to no avail. His continued disobedience is a blatant display of misconduct.

I thank you for your kind attention to the matter.

Query letter of misconduct for insubordination