Notice of Schedule Change at Work

Change is inevitable in everyone’s personal and professional life. In professional life, we often see changes in the work schedule. This is mainly due to internal changes in the company and sometimes due to an employee’s request to change the schedule.

If you are a manager and you have to let everyone know that you have brought changes to the work schedule, you will issue a notice. In general, a notice is for the entire staff, and writing one notice informs every staff member about the change.

Things to remember:

When you write a notice, you need to keep the following details in your mind:

Write a precise notification:

The notification issued for any official purpose is always precise and to the point. Its main goal is to share information with the staff and therefore, it should include only those details that are important.

Inform about the change in work schedule:

Inform the staff that the schedule is going to change and after that, mention the reason for that change. Tell the reader from which date the notice will be effective.

Give special instructions:

Whenever changes are incorporated into an office, employees are instructed about various things. Allocate a section in the notice that you will use for giving instructions that will help the employees adapt to the changes.

End the notice with some positive notes:

To encourage people, you can add some positive statements in the closing. For instance, you are so excited to see everyone following new changes.

Read the sample notices given in this post:

Sample notice 1:

To the staff of the IT department,

This is to bring to your notice that (mention the name of the company) is bringing changes to the work schedule. This decision has been taken because of some internal changes in the company. All of you are being notified that the staff of the entire IT department is supposed to work for 10 hours daily instead of 9 hours

This decision has been taken because of the resignation of some people from crucial positions. Therefore, we have decided to accommodate existing people instead of hiring new employees. The company will incentivize its workers to work for an extra hour.

The new timings of the office will be 8 am to 6 pm. Please note that this notice will be effective from 1st October 2022.


  1. All the staff members of the IT department are expected to show adherence to the above-mentioned timings.
  2. On the first day, all the staff members should report 15 minutes earlier than the regular work routine.
  3. Any problem concerning adapting to the new work schedule will not be discussed during office hours.
  4. Special relaxation can be given to pregnant ladies and people with any kind of disability

The company is so thrilled to see all of you working on a new timetable.

Notice of schedule change at work

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Sample notice 2:

To the staff of ABC Company,

All the staff members of the ABC company are being notified that the company is going to undergo changes in the work schedule. This is because of some internal changes in the company. The new office timings will be (mention the timing). This notice will be effective from tomorrow.

It is expected that all the employees of the ABC Company will abide by the new timings. You all are instructed to read this notice carefully and contact Mr. XYZ for your queries.

It is our top priority to provide ease and comfort to all our employees.

Please keep the following guidelines in mind when you come to the office tomorrow:

  1. Come to the office at least 15 minutes early than the routine time so that you can find time to be comfortable with the new routine.
  2. Talk to the manager of the company if you have any problems regarding showing adaptation to the changed timetable

We expect all our employees to be very flexible and passionate about their work so that they can adapt to any change easily. Wish you the best of luck with the new schedule.

Notice of schedule change at work

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