Loss of Pay Letter to HR for Correction

Re. Loss of Pay Letter for Correction

Dear HR Manager, I hope this letter finds you great. I am writing to bring your attention to a matter regarding lost compensation which was to be added to my salary for the month of [month]. I want to give a brief clarification of the circumstance and request understanding and help to determine the issue.

On [date] I faced a sort of surprising realization by receiving a text message from my bank informing me that the salary has been deposited in my bank account. When I looked at the amount of the payment after a day or so, I was surprised that a sum of [$X] was deducted from my monthly remuneration. Later, after inquiring about the accounts officer, Mr. [Name], I was told that you ordered the account officer to deduct an amount of [$X] due to uninformed leaves.

However, I have already settled this problem by explaining the issues and letting the relevant department know of the real cause and circumstances that led to the unauthorized leave. At the time of application, I was encouraged not to worry and that my application and apology has been approved by the concerned office. I comprehend the significance of employee punctuality and regularity, especially in the time of special occasions like client meetings, however, I apologize for any burden caused to the group or association.

My absence on the mentioned date was due to the fact that I fell seriously ill with a sudden heat stroke when I visited the beach on the weekend. Moreover, I started having a bad stomach and nauseated sensations that continued for two days. I assure you that this was an extraordinary situation that I could never have predicted or expected. I live alone in a private apartment, so there was no one to look after me.

After getting a little better I instantly sent a voice message over WhatsApp to the Assistant Manager of Employee Affairs branch who acknowledged the message and asked me to send evidence of the illness along with an application which I could not do because of sickness.

Given the case, I understand that the deduction of the salary has been made according to the company’s rules and regulations as booked in the Employee Book. Nonetheless, I’m requesting that you consider making an exemption because of the extraordinary exigent situation that made my case for salary deduction.

I am committed to my work and have consistently kept an elevated degree of responsibility and impressive skill in my organization. I accept this event of unauthorized leaves from [date] to [date] as an unprofessional demeanor and is not demonstrative of my general attitude and work ethic.

I would like to discuss more if needed to look at the important changes that I can make by modifying the presented documentation. Please know that I am willing to present my medical reports or any extra data from the hospital to substantiate my application. Moreover, I am available for any discussion or to answer your queries.

I consider myself a valuable employee in the organization and really regard the opportunities for proficient development. I’m completely dedicated to my obligations and will keep on giving a valiant effort to add to the progress of the team and the association.

I will be much obliged to you for your comprehension and thoughtfulness regarding this matter. I anticipate your kind reaction to my request and a fair choice by releasing the amount deducted from my salary. Thank you!

Warm Regards,



[Company’s Name]

Loss of pay letter to HR for correction

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