Letter to Suspend Work due to Coronavirus

The coronavirus is a respiratory virus that is spreading across the globe rapidly. The death toll due to this virus is also rising and there is no way to treat it. People across the world are being asked to practice social distancing so that they can prevent this disease to harm them.

With the outbreak of this epidemic, it became imperative for everyone around the world to play their role in not letting the disease spread. Every single person on this planet has become responsible to curtail this pandemic.

Since the disease is rapidly spreading, it became imperative for all the companies to shut down their operation. With this, they have to announce it to their employees. For this purpose, companies write the official letter to suspend work due to coronavirus.

How to write the letter to suspend work due to coronavirus

Formal letters are difficult to write sometimes especially when you have to address the entire staff of the company. If you are going to write a letter to the employees on behalf of the company to announce that the work is being suspended, you should follow the following guidelines.

  • Mention the subject

This is a formal letter and a formal letter always includes a subject in it. The purpose of adding the subject in the letter is to make the reader get ready for reading the rest of the letter. It also makes it easy for the reader to understand what the letter is referring to.

  • Start with discussing the pandemic

It is not advisable to start the letter by breaking the news about the suspension of work. You can start by telling the employees how important it is for all of us to take precautionary measures to prevent ourselves from getting the coronavirus and become the active carrier to pass it to others.

  • Announce the suspension of work

Announce that you are suspending every type of work that was assigned to any employee because of the coronavirus. Also, tell that for how long the work will remain suspended. If you don’t know when the company will resume the work activities, tell the employee that they will be notified when the company will start operating again.

If you think that in the future you can start the work from home policy, tell the employees about it so that they prepare themselves for it mentally.

  • End the letter gracefully

Just like any other formal letter, this letter should also be ended appropriately. You can thank your employees for working with the company. You can also say the best of luck to employees at this time of the pandemic. Some companies also write some preventive measures at the end to make that when the employee returns to work, he is safe and healthy. This shows the concern of the company for its workers.

Sample Letters


GHK Group of Consultants
D 180 Westgate
Las Vegas, USA

11th April, 20XX

Alice Atchison
111-woods cage, McCullough
Las Vegas, USA

Re: Suspension of Work Due to COVID-19 Outbreak

Dear Atchison,

This letter aims at informing you about the intermission of the work due to the outbreak of new Coronavirus which has, unfortunately, got the shape of a pandemic. As you know the situation of lockdown in the country has suspended almost every activity in all of the spheres of life. The fast-spreading virus is penetrating densely all over the globe. To cope with the mammoth challenges of this virus, authorities have decided to freeze all the projects for now debarring staff members from the company categorically.

To keep folks in amenities and avoid rapid transmission, the company has decided to adopt some new policies at work. According to this policy, staff members will be classified into different groups. Every group will be called on selective days by notifying through email.

Moreover, it is notified that during this term, no allowance will be paid along with the salary. Basic salaries will be paid at definite times. To ensure our staff members’ good health and prevention against the disease, the company promises free medical access in case of contamination with infection COVID-19.  The resurgence of work will be informed through email.

For queries our contact is accessible.



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Arik Educational Zone
N-336 Raleigh Housings
Coventry, Central England

11th April, 20XX

Miss Norman Zehra
GE6 CV3 Dinham
Coventry, Central England

Re: Modification in the Work Due to Eruption of Novel Pandemic

Dear Zehra,

It is to notify you that due to the outbreak of new coronavirus across the globe and its rapid increase, your working zone has been modified at certain levels. The school, keeping in view the protection and well-being of our students and staff members, has decided to shift all kinds of works at home. The staff members are directed to deliver their lectures and carry out other indicated tasks while staying at homes to effectuate social distancing through online systems. To undertake the task, the IT department will coordinate with you to stabilize the proficiency and coherence of the work.

Alternative class schedules and other categorical desideratum are already sent to your faculty portals. You are advised to work efficiently from home as we all know that working from home takes a little more assiduity and strenuous. To keep your finances in proportion, payments of salaries will be made on a regular basis as anteriorly. The schedule of the final examination, to prorogue it, has been proffered to the chairperson of Examination Controller and you will be informed about that within a week.

Best regards



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