Letter to an Employee for Duties and Responsibilities

Employers often communicate with their employees for a variety of reasons. The purpose of communication is always to inform the employee about certain decisions that are made in the company with regard to the job position held by the employee. 

It is a basic right of the employer to delegate responsibilities and duties to his different employees depending on their skills and competencies. With time, the employer can change his mind and change the responsibilities that were already assigned to the employee. No matter which type of decision is made, when the employer feels that this decision is going to impact the employee, he should tell him by writing the letter with a description of duties.

What is a letter to employee for duties?

It is a letter which is usually written to inform the employee about the duties that have been delegated to him recently. The employee is told through this letter that he is supposed to do the work that he has been entrusted with.

There can be many situations in which the supervisor or manager of the company is compelled to write this letter. Some of these situations are:

  1. When you come to know that your employee is not working with his full potential on the current job position, you can change his responsibilities
  2. When the employee is failed to deliver fruitful outputs
  3. When an employee shows extraordinary performance and you want to take him to a bigger platform
  4. When an employee himself tells you that he is not comfortable working with current job responsibilities
  5. When someone leaves the company and you need to substitute someone on his position

Whenever an employee is hired, he is issued a letter of employment in which he is told about the job responsibilities that he will be fulfilled while he works on that particular job post. It is important to note that an employee is not supposed to take on those responsibilities that are not mentioned in the employment letter. Therefore, when the manager of the company realizes that the employee should have been hired in a different position, he writes the letter informing him about his change of mind.

How to write this letter?

Since you are writing this letter to make a specific type of announcement, you should try to be as clear as possible. Given below are some useful instructions for you

Inform the employee about new responsibilities:

Start your letter straight with the information that you need to communicate via this letter. If you don’t add the needed information in the letter in a straight way, your letter might create confusion for the reader. Therefore, make sure that you are direct in your way of explaining certain things via this letter.

Give reason:

Since you have decided to take this step because of a particular objective, you should talk about it. It is the right of the employee to know why this decision has been taken.

Tell how it will be done:

The employee should know how responsibilities will be delegated to him. There might be many questions in the mind of the employee. You should include all those details in the letter.

Offer your assistance:

Working with new responsibilities might not be easy for the employee. You should take this fact on board and offer your help to the employee. Ask the employee to contact you if he faces any problem.

Sample letters:


We welcome you onboard at ABC organization. We would like to provide you with a detailed overview of your duties and responsibilities as the company’s (job title). We hope you will perform all tasks with diligence and responsibility.

Your role includes a variety of tasks including (details of duties). In addition, you are also expected to co-lead projects along with the department’s (job title) in order to share the workload and add your valuable skills to guide the team.

Please be informed that the company has a zero tolerance policy towards the negligence of duties. Moreover, you are not supposed to assign your tasks to colleagues or subordinates unless you are on leave and you have the permission of the management.

Kindly contact the HR in case you need more details about your work tasks. We look forward to a productive and successful year ahead with you.


We are delighted to congratulate you on your promotion to (job title). With this new title, you also have a new set of work responsibilities. Please take a look at the following list of duties and responsibilities that you are expected to perform in your new role.

(List of duties and responsibilities)

Feel free to contact the management in case of any ambiguities. We look forward to working productively with you.


We are writing to inform you about a temporary update in your word duties and responsibilities. Since XYZ has to quit with immediate effect due to a personal emergency, we urgently need someone to cover for her.

Since you are one of our star employees, the company has decided to entrust you with XYZ’s duties till we find a capable replacement for her. However, we understand that the extra workload may negatively affect your productivity and might also increase your work stress. Keeping this mind, XYZ’s tasks will be shared between you and ABC, another of our highly competent employees.

Please take a look at the enclosed details of new duties and responsibilities you have to perform along with your own job tasks. Kindly work closely with ABC in order to ensure a smooth workflow.

If you have any queries, feel free to contact the management. We look forward to your cooperation.


With the recent downsizing in our company, we regretfully had to bid farewell to a large number of our employees. As a result, the remaining staff will have to perform some added responsibilities. Each employee will be assigned new duties and tasks in order to keep up with the workload.

Your respective Heads of Departments will provide you with the list of new work responsibilities. We would appreciate your cooperation and hard work.

Thank you for your understanding.


This is in response to your query regarding your job description. We have enclosed a detailed list of duties and responsibilities that you are expected to perform as the company’s new (job title).

We are glad that you reached out to clear your ambiguities. Please feel free to contact us again in case there are still any confusions.

Looking forward to a productive year with you.


Date: ——————

Subject: subject of the letter

Dear (name of the employee),

As you know that our company has started to operate on the international level also after having succeeded in domestic operations, we are thinking to focus on the international operation of the company. We have chosen you as a person who will oversee all the international sales of the company.

We have closely seen you working and come down to the conclusion that you are the best individual for this job. In the past, you have put serious efforts in boosting the sales of the company at the domestic level. So, we have decided to delegate some additional responsibilities to you.

A meeting was convened with all the stakeholders on 15th July, and it has been decided that all the responsibilities that you have been fulfilling earlier will be given to Mr. ABC and you will be given the responsibility to deal with international clients and sales.

I hope that you will work with your full potential in the best interest of the company. You will soon receive your job description and responsibilities in the written form. Feel free to contact me in case of any queries.


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Letter to an Employee for Duties and Responsibilities

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