Letter Requesting Management for Staff Replacement

In offices sometimes there is an employee who is not performing well. The manager may confront them and give them a warning to perform better. If no improvement occurs, the manager may then ask for an employee replacement. This may result in the employee being fired and replaced by someone more competent. If this is the case, it is important to write a letter requesting staff replacement.

The letter is a formal one that needs to be written carefully so that the reader takes it seriously. It may be written to the HR manager of the particular company. The letter needs to be convincing and include the reasons you are seeking the replacement of the particular employee.

With solid reasons, the reader can consider the request. You must give honest reasons here as an investigation will probably occur on the employee to find out if they are not working to the expected levels.

You should type the letter and write it in a format that is professional so that the reader takes it seriously. Select its font carefully so that it is readable and professional as well. Make sure that you proofread the letter before sending it so that there are no spelling and grammar errors in it.

You should include only the necessary points and no unnecessary details as the reader will not have time to read this extra stuff. You can sign the letter allowing it to be more valid.

This is a letter that a manager writes to the HR manager requesting an employee replacement. The letter includes the reasons for wanting this replacement.

If you need to write the letter requesting staff replacement in a professional way, you can consider the following points:

Let the reader know what the letter is about:

You will begin the letter by letting the reader know that you are seeking a replacement for an employee. State what the employee’s name is and in which department they are working.

Give details of how they are underperforming:

You need to include the reasons why you are requesting this replacement. The reasons need to be solid ones that are convincing. Let the reader know how the employee is negatively affecting the functioning of the company.

End by requesting that the employee be replaced:

You can and by hoping the letter will be taken seriously and the employee replaced.


I am writing this letter to seek the replacement of one of our staff members in the Marketing Department. The name of the employee I am talking about is (state their name). He is working as my secretary since last (tell me how long he has been working with you).

(Name of employee) has been fighting with employees causing a disturbance in the office. This behavior has not occurred once but a few times now. There is much inconvenience caused due to this. The staff has not been able to perform properly because of him.

I humbly request you to have my secretary replaced so that my team can concentrate on upcoming projects.


I am writing this letter requesting the replacement of a team staff member in the (state name of team). I am referring to Mrs. (name of employee). She is working in the team that I am heading for the housing project.

I have never complained about any employee but due to the many holidays that Mrs. (name of employee) takes, I am forced to ask for an employee replacement. She has been asking for days off work often due to some health problems. Due to this, I have been facing much inconvenience which has resulted in my team underperforming.

I hope that you will take this request seriously so that I can work properly on this important project.