Internship Completion Letter Samples

Re. Internship Completion Letter

Dear Mr. [Name], The letter concerns the completion of your internship at [name the institute]. The letter has been recognized by the competent authorities and validated for use in the future. The letter has been penned on behalf of the Senior HR Manager, who expresses great pleasure in announcing that you have successfully completed your internship at the Company’s [Name of the department].

It was a wonderful experience working with you. You proved your diligence, dedication, and willingness to work hard. We are happy to tell you that the internship comes to an end with the gesture that we shall consider hiring you if any vacancy opens. We are looking forward to having you in the future.

We also hope the internship will increase your soft skills management skills and teach you some great professional and work ethics. This internship shall help you build a basic profile for yourself and allow you to land a job that aligns perfectly with your skillset and interests.

This was a basic internship program initiated by our human resource management department to provide quality training and education practically. The internship started on [date] and ended on [date]. It was a six-month program to teach the internees practical working strategies in human resource management.

We thank you for choosing this Company for your internship. Don’t hesitate to contact us to get a signed copy of the internship stipend before [date]. The Company shall release the stipend amount after confirmation and acknowledgment of this letter. In case of any queries, contact us at [email address]. Thank you!

Best Wishes,


Internship completion letter template

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Re. Letter of Internship Completion

Dear [Name],

This letter is to inform you that Mr. [name] has successfully completed his internship at [Name of the Company]. It is gladly told that Mr. [name] handled everything professionally and with a sheer practical approach. He understood the dynamics of work here and the underneath strategies of business development and project management.

During this period, he expressed a huge interest in work and showed dedication and commitment to all the tasks assigned to him. He was capable of doing everything that was assigned to him. As a full-time internee at the office, he assisted the Assistant Project Manager, whose letter of supervision has been attached.

A certificate of internship completion, duly signed by the competent authority, has been attached to this letter. You must acknowledge the letter and confirm the receipt of the stipend payable by the end of this internship. The four months of the total internship program are paid; however, the first month counts as unpaid as per mentioned conditions in the appointment letter.

Please acknowledge the receipt of the letter of internship completion, the supervisor’s letter, the certificate of internship completion, and the paycheck. In case of any questions related to the internship and the work managed by the internee, contact [designation] at [email address].

Do not hesitate to provide us with your insights and suggestions.



[Authorized Signature and Date]

Internship completion letter template

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