Excuse letters for being absent at work

Almost all of us come across a situation at the workplace when we have to write an excuse letter for being absent from work. As a matter of fact, no employer likes the employee being absent from work without informing. The employees are granted permission to take a day or a week off from work when he is able to give a solid justification for it. However, when the employee does not give a reason for being absent, it becomes a mistake. Many employers issue the warning letter to employees when they remain absent from work for many days. Some also make the deduction the salary of the employee.

Why it is important to write this letter?

As a matter of fact, every person working in an organization has a specific and distinct role to perform. The organization suffers when the employee does not attend the workplace. Due to these problems, there are different policies formulated by every organization in an attempt to avoid the problems occurring due to the unexplained or uninformed absence from the work.

How to write excuse letter for being absent from work?

  1. When you are going to write an excuse letter, the first thing that you need to decide is whether you are going to write a letter on paper or send it via email. Once it is decided, jump to the next step
  2. Research and try to gather information about the format and the structure of the letter. Obviously, these letters are formal letters which need proper attention and care while writing.
  3. Since the letter is formal, make sure to start the letter formally by adding a proper salutation. Also, add the subject in the letter to help the reader in reading and understanding the letter and its purpose of writing
  4. Write the excuse very briefly and apologize for it. Add the date on which you were absent and the reason
  5. Give a letter a proper professional close and proofread it thoroughly before you send it to your employer.

  • Due to travel

I am writing this letter to officially document my absence from work yesterday, 16th June 2019. I had to travel out of town to attend my uncle’s funeral. I informed my supervisor yesterday morning but did not have enough time to write a formal leave application. I apologize for any inconvenience caused due to my absence.

Thank you for your cooperation.

  • Family Matter

This is official documentation of my absence from office on 12th May 2019. I could not attend work due to an important family matter. I had to resolve an issue at home on an urgent basis. Please accept my apologies. 

  • Stomach Ache

I beg to state that I could not attend office on (date) owing to severe stomach ache. I took the day off in order to be able to rest. Kindly accept this letter as written documentation of my absence from work. 


I am grateful to you for your cooperation and kindness.

  • Family Emergency

I would like to apologize for my uninformed absence from work yesterday, 5th May. My elderly grandmother fell down the stairs and injured her back. I had to rush her to the ER. It took us 3 hours at the hospital for her X-rays and treatment. Upon returning home, I spent the rest of the day helping my wife take care of my grandmother. The entire day was so overwhelmingly stressful that I failed to inform about my leave at the office. Please accept my apologies and consider this letter an official record of my absence.

I am grateful to you for your kindness and support.

  • Vomiting

This is an acknowledgment of my leave from work on (date). I was suffering from severe indigestion and had been vomiting all night. It left me feeling extremely weak in the morning. I felt really sick and was, therefore, unable to attend the office. I informed the manager, Mr. Meezo, on the phone about my issue. He was kind enough to allow me to take the day off in order to visit the doctor and take rest.

I have attached my medical report for the purpose of verification. Kindly accept this letter as the documentation of my one-day leave.

  • Diarrhoea

I am writing this letter as a record of my absence from work on the 14th and 15th of March. The reason behind my leave was diarrhea. It left me feeling debilitated. The doctor prescribed medication to counter diarrhea and treat the subsequent dehydration. I was also advised to take rest for two days.

I informed the manager, Mr. Lumko about my medical condition. I am grateful to him for his kindness and cooperation as he verbally approved my leave for two days.

I have enclosed my medical reports as requested by the HR department for the purpose of documentation.

  • Headache

Most respectfully, I would like to acknowledge my absence from office yesterday. I had an episode of a severe headache which rendered me unable to come to the office.

As you know, I suffer from migraine and I am on medication to control the issue. However, I forgot to take my pills the night before yesterday and, consequently, suffered the pain.

I would like to thank you for your understanding. Please accept this letter as a record of my absence. 

  • Asthma

This is a written acknowledgment of my absence from work on the 9th of April. I had an asthma attack due to pollen allergy. As a result, I was unable to attend the office and perform my regular work duties. 

I am grateful to you for your understanding and cooperation.

  • Fever

I would like to inform you that the reason behind my absence from the office for the last two days was a throat infection. The infection caused me to have a high fever. I was accordingly advised by the doctor to rest at home for two days. I sent an email notification to my department head, Miss Jane about the issue who granted me the required leave.

Please find attached my medical reports and the doctor’s prescription along with a printed copy of my email correspondence with Miss Jane regarding my leave from work. Kindly accept my letter to document this leave.

Absence excuse letter for fever

  • Family Member’s Illness

I beg to state that I could not attend office yesterday due to my wife’s illness. She was suffering from fever and I had to take her to the doctor. Please consider this letter as a record of my absence.

Thank you for your support.