Architect Work Completion Certificate

An architect may usually issue interim certificates during some build and then a completion certificate at the time that the building has been completed. This may be asked during a transaction occurring by the purchasers or buyers of the property, or by their lawyers.

What is an Architect Completion Certificate?

This tends to be a document for the architect of the building. It claims that the building has been built according to the specifications that have been set out within the original plans. OR

An architect completion certificate is a document that is issued by the Building Control Authority which certifies that the architect has completed his/her work as per the terms agreed with the project owner.

What to include in it?

From the above, you can tell that Architect Completion Certificates are important and need to be created with much care. You need to include certain points in this certificate that can help you and also your employer out. Below are some points that you can include in an Architect Completion Certificate:

  • Microsoft Word– Microsoft Word can be used to type this certificate so that it looks professional.
  • Information about the owner– State to whom the certificate has been prepared. Write the name of the owner in full.
  • Adheres to plans– In the certificate it must be stated that the building adheres to the final plans, working drawings as well as detailed specifications that had been agreed upon. State the date when these were agreed as well.
  • Where the property is located– You need to mention where the property is located so that it is known which property the certificate is for. This needs to be mentioned.
  • Agreeing to rules of the area– The certificate states that the building agrees to any rules present on buildings in the area concerned. State which code or rules they apply to. The building should adhere to any municipal laws present in the area as well. Any environmental regulations should also have been met and stated in the certificate. State that health, building, fire as well as any other governmental plus municipal laws have been met.
  • No defects– The certificate should also mention that the architect agrees to the property being constructed in a good manner and has no damage along with structural defects which can impact the value of the property. All preconditions should have been met which will allow the premises to be occupied. This includes any permits, and licenses, that may be needed from governmental authorities that have jurisdiction in the area. The certificate needs to clearly state that no governmental and other municipal violations have been filed against the premises.
  • Facilities in the area– The certificate will also tell of the necessary facilities that the premises have. This includes gas, steam, electricity, water, sewer services, telephone services along other utilities needed to properly service the premises. State that these are available on the premises.
  • Contact details– Mention the name of the architect, owner, and company. Also, mention the date.


  • Allows the owner to have written proof that the architect did everything according to what was agreed.
  • The architect also has proof that they completed what was required of them.

Final Words:

Architect Completion Certificates are important documents that a premise needs.

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