Mechanical Work Completion Certificate

A work completion certificate is a formal, mandatory document awarded to the contractor or a worker by the project manager or head. It certifies the completion of a task by the contractor under due time, terms and conditions that were given by the owner.

Work completion certificates are unique as they attest the completion of the project and also its approval by the manager. Contents of this certificate indicate major parties involved in the project such as the project manager, owner, and contractor. 


These certificates act as an appreciation or achievement tool to present to the worker. Different companies use several ways to award their workers in their hard work. Some workers are promoted, some are awarded extra bonuses. Awarding extra money and gifts does not add value to anyone’s effort. It does certify the hard work of the contractor and cannot help him to get more projects.  

Whereas some companies awards work completion certificates. These signify the continuous effort, management of time and other qualities of a worker that he utilized to complete a task in due time.

It also encourages workers to work with more effort in upcoming projects. These can further be used by adding them in a CV or presenting them while applying for another project.

These certificates are official documents that are also kept by the company in their records to check on the completion of a project.

Completion of a given work is one of the many parameters to qualify for a work completion certificate. It is important for the contractor to complete the work in a given time and under the same conditions that were communicated by the manager.

If work is not done in a given time frame, it creates a negative impression of the contractor in the eyes of the manager. If a contractor is able to manage work in time, it makes him more efficient and diligent as following deadlines can be attributed as the best quality of a worker.

These certificates are considered significant among different industries as professional workers get much experience from the project they have done before that adds further value to their work.  


Work completion certificates are available in the company for awarding workers. These are designed by artists, hired by the company. They are different for different workers, but their templates are the same. Name and qualities are changed in each certificate awarded to the workers. One certificate belongs to an individual and cannot be shared among groups.

Many templates for different sorts of work completion are provided by different websites on the internet that can be downloaded or otherwise can be bought from the website. It can be used as it is or changed according to the company’s demand. It is a one-time expense done by the company while all other certificates can be given by changing the name of the awardee.


Work completion certificates are not given by only one industry or company. Various companies award their workers with these certificates to make it official that worker has completed its work as per terms and conditions and also keep a record of it in their own files.

Work completion certificate


Work completion certificate