Employee Write Up for Discipline Violation

An employee write-up is prepared by the employer, who wants to let the employee know about the violation. Another main purpose of this write-up is to inform the employee about the policy of the company and how the employee has violated it. In this document, the employer describes the entire situation in simple words.

It is very useful for an organization to use the write-up form in order to deal with all the issues related to violations of the company’s policies. In any type of employment dispute, the employee write-up is considered the first document to be represented as evidence.

The employee write-up records the entire situation and all issues. Sometimes, a company has to face the accusation of unfair termination after terminating an employee due to a violation of policies. In such a situation, the write-up can help.

The write-up generally serves as a warning document in which the employee is warned about his actions, and some clear ways are also provided to the employee in which he can fix the issues regarding discipline violations.

Usually, the write-up is considered beneficial for the employee, as it is written with the purpose of bringing the employee back on track so that he can avoid his termination from the job.

What should be included in the employee write-up?

It is always important to write an influential article. In order to prepare a professional-looking write-up document, you are required to include the following details in this document:

  1. The name, position, and title of the employee
  2. Type of violation
  3. The disciplinary offense committed by the employee
  4. A complete explanation of the offense
  5. Plan of improvement
  6. Results in case the employee repeats the offense
  7. Signatures of the employee as well as the employee

Tips for writing a write-up:

It is always recommended to keep the tone of the write-up totally professional. You should be careful about your choice of words. Always use kind words to describe the discipline violation of the employee so that s/he can start working on the improvement plan that you have mentioned in the write-up.

Write-up Samples

Letter 1

It has been observed and documented on 17th June that XYZ from the IT Department left the office for 2 hours during work hours without seeking permission from the Senior Manager. By doing so, he has violated the company’s discipline policy that does not allow employees to leave the office before off time without the Senior Manager’s approval.

In response to this violation, the management has taken the following corrective measures.

  • XYZ is reminded to adhere strictly to the company’s discipline policies.
  • Any further violations may result in additional disciplinary actions, up to and including termination.
  •  His supervisor will keep a close eye on his sign-off time for a period of 30 days in order to ensure compliance.
  • XYZ is encouraged to speak with his supervisor if there are reasons or concerns regarding the office timings and discipline policies.

On April 5th, a disciplinary violation committed by XYZ was duly reported by his supervisor and is hereby documented.

Letter 2

XYZ was given direct instruction by John Doe to complete the monthly sales report by the end of the day. Instead of complying, XYZ handed over the job to another team member who failed to accomplish the task by the given deadline. This behavior does not only exhibit a lack of responsibility but is also an act of insubordination.

This write-up serves as a formal written warning for the insubordinate behavior displayed by XYZ.  The document will be retained in the employee’s personal file. In case of repeated disciplinary violations, there may be more serious actions that may include suspension or termination from the job.

We trust that XYZ will show respect to all team members and follow the professional standards of our company in the future.


It has been discovered that you are violating company rules constantly. Even though you are given many chances, you do not leave your habit of smoking in prohibited areas, which is nearly a crime. The company has decided to take disciplinary action against you.

Therefore, you are being terminated for one week with the deduction of a half day’s salary as well. This was the most delicate of the disciplinary actions we could take against you. After the completion of your chastisement, if you are again seen smoking in prohibited areas, termination from your post would be the only option.


It has been reported several times against you that your behavior with the staff is biased. Since you know our organization is a multinational foundation and people from every caste and creed work with us, we simply cannot afford such a violation of conduct at any cost.

This is a kind of harassment as well, and the company will not tolerate it come what may. This is to inform you either to mend your ways or that the company must take strict action against such a ridiculous attitude, which carries no roots nowadays.


You have been seen engaging in online gambling during your working hours which is indeed a crime. As you have read in our company policy charter, if any of the employees are found involved in such kind of activities, s/he would be terminated without issuing a warning letter.

To us, the workplace means sacred as we earn our livelihood by working here. We cannot afford to annihilate its inviolability and purity at all. Subsequently, you are terminated from your post.


Tardiness is one of the bad habits which can easily destroy the healthy environment of a company. If it is ignored by an employee for some reason, it can result in a violation of ethics and company policy.

It is reported that you have been coming late for quite some time which is becoming a hurdle in the way of the progress of our company. We do not want to risk the reputation of our institute at any cost. As a result of your rough routine, half-day salary will be deducted this month. And if you do not retire from your habit, you will be terminated the very first week of the next month.


Usage of the cell phone has always been a matter that our company dealt with quite delicacy. We show flexibility in our cell phone policy that if there is something important, you can deal with it for a maximum time of three minutes.

It has been observed that you are often found using your mobile during working hours. I wonder how one can be this inconsiderate and irresponsible towards the most delicate company policies ever. This letter serves as a final warning against your misconduct. If it happens again, you should have to get ready for severe steps which could be taken against this action.

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