Directive Letter for Special Task

Sometimes, the company has to assign a special task to an employee. In order to make that task accomplished successfully, it is the responsibility of the company to give detailed and clear instructions about the task to be completed.

Directive letters are written by the company to its employees when it wants to give directions about something. These are professionally written letters which are used to make communication with the employees.

Although the use of letters in real life is obsolete now, companies still use them to communicate with their employees. They believe that directions given in written form are more effective as it rules out all the chances of getting misunderstood. And most importantly the letters are part of the official record.

When an employer wants to assign a special task to his employee, he can write the directive letter. These letters tell the employee that a special task is going to be assigned to him and he will have to complete it. Additional details regarding the special task are also mentioned in this directive letter.

Tips for writing the letter:

Here are some guidelines to write the directive letter successfully:

  1. Make sure that you write the letter clearly so that the employee can understand all the directions. It is recommended to mention the directions in the form of bullet points that not only increases the readability of the letter but also becomes easier for an employee to memorize them.
  2. Since you are going to assign a special task to an employee, it is important to mention all the details that are needed.
  3. The deadline for completing the task should also be given in the letter.
  4. Make sure that you mention all the directions in the letter. Giving additional directions later can cause inconvenience for the employee. It also shows your unprofessional behavior.
  5. You should clearly describe the reason for issuing the directive letter to the employee. Make sure that he clearly understands the reason.
  6. It is important to mention the benefits of assigning the task to the employee. It should also be stated how it is going to be beneficial for people.

Sample Letter

Directive Letter for Special TaskIt is to inform you that our company has been invited to the conference held by the [COMPANY NAME] this month on [date & day]. The board of directors has unanimously finalized your name to lead the team as a managing director. For this purpose, the very first task you are supposed to deal with is to choose your team consisting of four members including you.

You will deliver a very impressive & eloquent speech as well. Be prepared for that in the best possible way & assign your team members some important tasks to be performed there. For example, they will be taking notes of all the important happenings there & will be capturing the moments when you will be delivering your speech.

Keep me constantly informed on your progress. I trust in your aptitudes & wish you the best of luck. We are digging ground for your great impact that you will leave there. Don’t be reluctant at all to contact me if you have any requests or questions you would like to ask.

Thank you!