Delegating Employee New or Additional Duties

When an employer is required to assign some additional duties to the employee, he communicates with the employee. Communicating the employee through letter or memo is a good way to hold the employee accountable for whatever he has done. It also ensures that the employee understands all the newly assigned work.

Whenever you are going to assign new work, make sure that you do it in a straightforward way and communicate all the necessary details to the employee. You should tell the employee that why you are delegating additional duties to him and what is the background of this delegation.

It is recommended to add all the additional duties details in bullet points as they are easy to remember and also increase the readability of the text.

Once you have delegated the additional duties, you can send this memo or letter to the employee. You are not required to summarise everything again as conciseness is required.

What are the benefits?

Here are the key benefits:

  1. There are different situations in which the employees are delegated new or additional duties. This lightens the workload that the company faces because of the absence of some employees.
  2. The employees are challenged by delegating responsibilities and they are expected to show their all capabilities. In other words, delegating new or additional duties to increase the productivity of the employees.
  3. The employee gets an opportunity to develop new skills so that he can cope with the demand for new skills.
  4. The delegated duties require the subordinates to participate in the work. This gives the subordinate a feeling of ownership and they can contribute positively to make the delegated duties successfully performed.
  5. These delegated tasks make the employee more responsive towards the clients of the company.

The employee should always be aware of the consequences of showing good performance. This will improve his performance. Make sure that you tell the employee about the reason of delegating new responsibilities and the benefits he and the company is going to achieve because of this.

Sample Letters

Delegating New Duties

Delegating an employee new dutiesYou have been a great asset to our company since the time you have joined us. You never let us make complaints about your incomplete work or unprofessional attitude throughout your job span. Seeing your hard work & great exertions you put in your tasks, the company has decided to assign you with new duties by canceling out the old ones.

You did a great job in processing all the tasks the company ever assigned you. Now we want you to move on a higher level & take up the charge of new responsibilities. We have great hopes & expectations associated with your enthusiastic & highly responsible nature. You are advised to see me at 3 pm so that I can brief you further about your new, improved & challenging responsibility.

We hope you will give your best as ever. Thank you!

Delegating Additional Duties

Delegating an employee additional dutiesYou have been an active part of our organization for a half decade. Throughout the years of your service, you have been rightly creative, and your amenities to the firm are fittingly appreciated & recognized. You work tirelessly by investing extra hours in your service & it happens many days in a month for what the management is proud of you. This has been your practice for quite a time.

Keeping in view your exceptional official record, the company has decided to give you some additional responsibilities to perform. You will be answerable for the department of [name of the department] as well. On your demand, we can provide you with assistance from the training area as well. The board has faith in your competent nature & believes that you can handle the additional duty with composure.

The first few days into the additional duty may be chaotic but with the passage of time, you may find it comfy to deal with your surplus errands & may learn from it. Meet me in the office at 1 pm today & there I will explain to you your new role in this regard. We wish you all the best for your upcoming undertakings & challenges you may face.