Credit Dispute Letters

When you are dealing with credit or using credit lines, there is always room for errors and disputes. Errors occur during the understanding of the terms and conditions or making and receiving payments. Errors may also occur if there is an accounting or calculation mistake. These errors are potential causes of credit disputes.

If there is a discrepancy in the credit transactions, they are duly notified by either party to the other. A creditor can write to the lending party notifying them of a discrepancy, or the lender may write to the creditor about the discrepancy. In short, it is standard procedure to bring the information to notice so corrective action may take place. Both parties agreeing to an error follows the quick resolution of the problem. However, one party failing to agree with the discrepancy or reporting an even bigger discrepancy will lead to a dispute.

Credit disputes may be handled through discussion and negotiation. If the dispute remains despite discussion and negotiation, either of the parties may seek legal advice or proceed to court. Are you confused about how to write a credit dispute letter? Here are sample letters for your guidance. You may choose to add, delete, or modify information as per your case.

Sample letter -1

To [creditor name]

Subject: Credit line dispute

This is to inform you that your credit bill is still outstanding. The total amount owed was $1190/-. Your payment for $1040/- was received on July 24, 20XX. However, there is still a balance of $150/- due in your account. Without clearing your dues, we are unable to account for your transactions. Therefore, kindly pay the dues so that your account may be updated accordingly.


Credit dispute letter

Sample letter -2

To [Recipient Name,

I am writing this letter to ask you about correcting an error on my Standard Chartered credit report (account number X).

On 5th July 2018, I bought a few clothes from Macy’s. It cost me $70/- which I paid through the card. However, I have noticed in my credit report, that this payment has been mentioned twice.

I request you to look into this matter soon and rectify this mistake so that my credit report can present my true credit history. I am sending this letter through a certified mail service so that this correction can be processed within 30 days. I will be highly obliged if you correct and send me the corrected report at your earliest convenience. Thank you in advance.

I am attaching the photocopy of the bill receipt with this letter. If you want any further documents or details, feel free to contact me at [contact].


George Bill.

Credit dispute letter

Sample letter -3

To [Recipient Name,

I am writing to inform you that I have received an incorrect credit report belonging to someone else. I request you correct the error and send me the credit report associated with my account.

I got confused when I received a credit report of my transactions. Upon a thorough investigation, I realized I had been issued a credit report of someone else with an account number [#]. My account number is [#] and you may see a difference of only the last three figures in the account numbers which might have caused the misunderstanding and would have led to the mistake of incorrect issuance of the credit report to the wrong person.

I request you look into this matter and rectify this error so that my credit history and other records will not be affected. I am sending this letter through a certified mail service so that my request can be processed in 30 days.

For some personal reasons, I need my credit report next month to be submitted to an institution. I will be highly grateful to your credit bureau if you send me the correct credit report at your earliest convenience.

I am attaching my account details and my last credit report for reference. If you need any more documents or details, feel free to contact me at [contact].

I thank you in advance.


Emily Watson.

Credit dispute letter